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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Maryland (2024)

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Maryland is a famous seaport city in the US. Thousands of people downscale or upscale in this city very often. Buying new furniture and items for your home or office space is a very expensive process. This is why we have liquidation stores in Maryland. These liquidation stores are being owned by some of the most experienced liquidators in Maryland from where you can buy liquidation pallets in Maryland. They have a variety of products including home essentials, furniture, decorative designs, and many more interesting things. These goods arrive in bulk through liquidation pallets in Maryland. These are excess production or clearance stocks from companies, that arrive at these liquidation warehouses in Maryland. These items are very affordable and will save you time as well as money.

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Liquidation Stores in Maryland:

The Discount Store

The Discount Store

The Discount Store is one of the most visited liquidation stores in Maryland. They have a huge variety of goods and offer top-quality products. Their products include clothes, sofas, seats, picture frames, and many other household items.

They have a huge liquidation warehouse in Maryland, where their expert team serves their customers. This store always has amazing offers. Some of the discounts go up to 80 percent on retail price.

They mostly practice pallet liquidation. These liquidation pallets in Maryland mostly consist of box damages, customer returns, excess production, discontinued items, and shelf pulls.

For them, customer satisfaction is their top priority. They also allow a thirty-day return policy on these liquidated goods. Besides, they have received five-star ratings from their satisfied customers. This makes them one of the best in the liquidation business.

Address728 Belair Rd Unit C Building 10, Bel Air, MD 21014, United States

Phone+1 443-690-9260

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Found and Made

Found and Made

As unique as its name is, Found and Made has a unique range of products. They mostly deal in the home furniture, but also have a range of other goods and items.

Their products include sofas, tables, chairs, units, storage, beds, drawers, etc. They also sell extremely affordable electronic devices. Most of these electronic items arrive in liquidation pallets in Maryland. They also sell surprise boxes, which include random product picks.

These boxes are receiving great response and high demand. Their staff is very experienced and will provide you with the best customer experience. They have top-quality products with extremely comfortable designs. These furniture items are easily portable and will perfectly suit your home décor.

The best part about these furniture units is that they are very affordable. They have received some of the best reviews on Google. So, if you are considering buying furniture and want affordable furniture, then this is the right place for you. They will offer you value for money.

Address9108B Yellow Brick Rd, Rosedale, MD 21237, United States

Phone+1 443-322-6995

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Devil Dog Treasure Hunters

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters are experts when it comes to pallet liquidation in Maryland. They are a team of professionals that carry out retailer liquidation and sell products in a bulk. They buy liquidation pallets as well as truckloads from top companies or retailers.

These liquidation units are box damages, customer returns pallets, store returns, as well as overstock items. These products include all types of small accessories, electronics, clothes, food products, healthcare products, home essentials, and many more such products.

They have one of the biggest liquidation warehouses in Maryland. Here you will find some of the best deals on huge liquidation pallets or boxes. They also practice estate liquidation, private collection sales, storehouse clearance, closures, and foreclosure sales.

What sets them apart is that they take no commissions and set up direct deals on top products. Their team is highly experienced and will offer you some of the best deals.

Also, their customers are very happy with their customer service. This makes them one of the best in the industry. So, if you wish to buy liquidated goods in bulk, then this is the best option for you.

Address102 Calvert St, Easton, MD 21601, United States

Phone+1 410-924-1457

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Bargain Furniture Warehouse

Bargain Furniture Warehouse

They practice estate as well as commercial liquidations. They are the industry experts when it comes to hotel liquidations. Finding buyers for cutlery, kitchen electronic items, tables, and chairs is very difficult.

However, Bargain Furniture Warehouse will set up the best deal benefitting both parties. They sell these furniture items at discounted prices. This makes it very affordable for their customers. Their products include sofa sets, beds, chairs, tables, lamps, mirrors, electronics, televisions, chests, drawers, storage units, wall-arts, picture frames, and hundreds of more products.

They also provide pick-up and drop service for their customers. Their furniture has been priced in a way so that anyone can buy it. This is the reason they experience high sales every year.

They have received top reviews and ratings, which makes them one of the best liquidation stores in Maryland. If you are liquidating hotel assets or want to buy cheap furniture, then Bargain Furniture Warehouse is just a call away.

Address8531 Walker Mill Rd, Capitol Heights, MD 20743, United States

Phone+1 301-336-2988

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National Liquidators

National Liquidators - liquidation pallets maryland

Unlike any other liquidators in Maryland, National Liquidators deal in yacht liquidation. They are one of the largest boat and yacht liquidation companies in the US and specialize in this zone.

National Liquidators have brokerage boats, government-sealed vessels, repossessed yachts as well as boats. They are well-experienced and have been serving in this industry since 1988. National Liquidators practice yacht liquidation in Maryland, Ohio, Florida, California, Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale, New Port Beach, and Annapolis.

National Liquidators have a variety of more than 80 yachts. This will give you a great chance to find the best yacht or a boat for yourself. They sell these boats and yachts through weekly auctions. These auctions have high attendance and people look forward to bidding on these amazing yacht options.

Considering their business scale, they earn minimal commissions on every sale. Their customers and clients have given them five-star ratings for their service as well as yacht variety.  So, if you are planning to buy a yacht or a boat and are searching for cheap options, then National Liquidators will help you buy your dream yacht.

Address7082 Bembe Beach Rd, Annapolis, MD 21403, United States

Phone+1 410-571-3459

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Overstock Outlet

Overstock Outlet - liquidation pallets maryland

Overstock Outlet is one of the local favorite liquidation stores in Maryland. They buy small liquidated goods using liquidation pallets in Maryland. They also practice estate as well as hotel liquidation.

Their products include television, refrigerator, sofa sets, dining table, chairs, storage units, beds, drawers, chests, cupboards, lamps, decorative pieces, and other types of home décor options.

The part that sets them apart is that they also have their self-designed products. This is the reason they experience high sales. They carry out strict quality checks for the liquidated goods that they buy. This ensures top quality and guarantees the best customer experience.

They have a huge variety of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, baths, and office furniture. Their customers are very satisfied with their service and have given them top reviews. You can visit their store for the best offers and grab your hands on top-quality home furnishings. This makes them one of the best furniture liquidation stores in Maryland.

Address2811 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21211, United States

Phone+1 410-235-2000

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Red Apron Estate Liquidation

Red Apron Estate Liquidation - liquidation pallets maryland

Red Apron Estate Liquidators are different than the other estate liquidators in Maryland. What sets them apart is that they also have a store, that is open five days a week.

The goods and items that do not get sold in estate liquidations are showcased in their store for future sale. This ensures that no product is being thrown away or wasted. This company is being handled by a single family, who are committed to giving you the best possible service.

Their team has well-experienced professionals. This team will carry out the necessary product research and will sell the items at a good price. The best part about them is that they take full responsibility and give free consultations.

They will make sure that each and every product gets sold. So, if you are selling your property and want to liquidize your assets, then Red Apron Estate Liquidation is the best option for you. If you assign them this responsibility, you can sit back and relax, while they get the job done.

Phone+1 443-534-0863

Mattresses and More

Mattresses and More - liquidation pallets maryland

Last but not least we have on our list Mattresses and More. As the name suggests they are experts in selling mattresses and rugs. They specialize in the category and are industry experts. Buying a bed mattress can be expensive, but Mattresses and More have made it easy for you.

They buy these mattresses a lot and sell them at cheap prices. Besides that, their mattresses are very comfortable and will help you get into a deep sleep.  Their tagline is to sleep better and save more. This is true from every angle as buying their product will save you money and will make you feel relaxed.

They have up to 70 percent discounts and offers. Most people prefer buying their mattresses. They have received top reviews and five-star ratings from their customers. This makes them one of the best places to buy mattresses in Maryland.

Address15595 Old Columbia Pike, Burtonsville, MD 20866, United States

Phone+1 301-421-1710

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S&L Capital Pallet Liquidation

S&L Capital Pallet Liquidation Store is a very well-known liquidation warehouse in Maryland US. They are a wholesale company that buys goods in liquidation pallets in Maryland.

Their products mostly include designer purses, shoes, home décor, and cheap furniture. They also sell clothes, accessories, shoes, electronics, bags, and many more small items.

The best part about them is that their store always contains newly added fresh stock. They also run amazing sales, discounts, and limited period offers. This is a great option for everyone to buy cheap liquidated goods.

Address410 Bowleys Quarters Rd, Middle River, MD 21220, United States

Phone+1 443-869-2202

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Bay #9 Liquidation

Sometimes we just feel like going on a shopping spree. At the same time, we do not wish to waste our money. If you are stuck up in this situation, then you should definitely visit Bay #9 Liquidation store.

This store will give you offers that no other store will. They have clothes, home essentials, electronics, and other such products. Their clothes collection is the best and people love buying clothes from Bay #9 liquidation store in Maryland. They are open seven days a week.

Their team is very polite and will help you select goods that will match your taste. The products are priced very cheaply and youngsters often crowd this shop to buy goods. This is a small local business of liquidated goods, which mostly include clothes. You can give them a visit in your free time and grab some great clothes for yourself or your family.

Address4 Nashua Ct Unit #9, Essex, MD 21221, United States

Phone+1 443-707-7644

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This was the list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Maryland. These are some of the stores that have the best liquidation pallets in Maryland. They will give you discounted prices and will make sure you leave their store satisfied. These are trustworthy and will give you top-quality liquidated goods.

We hope that this list was helpful for you. Save it for future reference. If we have missed on any great liquidation store recommendations in Maryland, then feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar recommendation lists.

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