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5 Most Popular Liquidation Stores in Wisconsin for Trendy Stuff

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Wisconsin is one of the most industrious states in the USA. Although there is less industrial activity in the region, the state sees some big economic transactions in terms of everyday sales and purchases. Moreover, the place attracts many Customers from all over the world owing to its national significance and geographical location. The town of Oshkosh, Madison city, and attractions in Milwaukee, are a few among the several reasons behind Wisconsin’s commercial appeal. If you are looking for the Wisconsin Liquidation pallets to make large purchases for your own business, or personal needs, then we have you covered. In this article, we have listed down the best liquidation stores in the state for both commercial and casual buyers-

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Here below is the list of 5 Best Liquidation pallets in Wisconsin:

Island Tree Liquidation

Island Tree Liquidation: Wisconsin liquidation center

Island Tree Liquidation is perhaps the best-known Wisconsin liquidation pallets . They’re located at 322 Watson St, Ripon, in case you are planning an on-site visitation. The office remains closed all Sundays and Mondays. During the remaining weekdays, the office stays open from 11 am- 5 pm, except on Saturdays when the office closes at 3 pm.

This place is perfect for casual buyers who are looking for good everyday deals and might not work perfectly for large retail businesses. There are a variety of items that can be found here. You get simple home appliances like melting pots, tumblers, décor items, organizers, etc. 

However, the place works best if you are looking for gadgets and tools. This includes simple equipment like thread zappers, Nintendo switches, kitchen timers, scales, universal chargers, and more sophisticated items like blasting guns, radios, webcams, pressure monitors, portable blenders, and much more.

Their inventory is also rich in kids’ supplies like toys, games, activity packs, etc. There are no definite categories to be found here, and we recommend that you keep checking their inventory time and again for significant upgrades.

Address: 322 Watson St, Ripon, WI 54971, United States

Phone: +1 920-896-0304

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The Second Handlers

The Second Handlers

The Second Handlers Ltd. was established by three dynamic women back in 1979. This domestic liquidation store has a hold on all major moving and down-sizing activities taking place in the region. If you are new to this realm and want guidance or direction, then The Second Handlers can be of immense help. It comes under the well-known Wisconsin Liquidation pallets.

They also have a realtor’s license and can assist you to find a new home or fresh property. You can visit their website to know about any upcoming sales. There are no set categories for sale, and you will have to be present on-site to buy and examine all products. 

Other than liquidating down-sized items, the company also assists in furniture establishment and maintenance. They also ensure the best prices for owners and if you are looking to sell out old items in Wisconsin, they are your best bet.

They are the most successful liquidators in Wisconsin, Fox River Valley. Their sales usually last two days and also contain items on consignment. They can also set up customized sales for your products. If you want an appointment, then you can directly get in touch with Tony Knitt- the sole proprietor of The Second Handlers. 

Address: 2275 Weldon Ct, Oshkosh, WI 54904, United States

Phone: +1 920-231-6026

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RH Liquidators

RH Liquidators: Wisconsin liquidation center

RH Liquidators have the best possible high-end industrial machinery liquidation pallets in Wisconsin. They work internationally and have trade connections with major industry manufacturers around the globe. They deal in a variety of equipment from various industries. This includes Allen Bradley equipment, circuit boards, and breakers, Motors and motor drives, electronic components, power supplies, and more.

They are located just outside Waupaca Wisconsin on highway 22. If you are a buyer or a supplier who works in high-tech industry tools and machinery – then you should visit RH Liquidators. Their sales are some of the most profitable liquidation sales in the country and you will get the right value for your items. 

Their office remains open between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm on all days. Other items in their inventory include scales, meters, sensors, relays, contactors, presses, lathes, pipe fittings, generators, hydraulic equipment, inverters, rotary indexers, transformers, and more.

They have the most prolific business within their field of work. Moreover, they have picked out a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in marketing. Hence, their sales and purchases are led by keen insight into the state of the market. You can directly leave them a message on their website if you wish to get in touch with them.

Address: N2598 WI-22, Waupaca, WI 54981, United States

Phone: +1 715-258-8886

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Madison Liquidators

Madison Liquidators

Madison Liquidators are the biggest liquidation store that you will find in Wisconsin. Madison’s is a nationally acclaimed liquidation store with some of the best offices liquidated office furniture. They deal in different categories including chairs, conference tables, desks, storage, and more. They provide ample desk accessories including cable management, divider panels, drawers, floor mats, keyboard trays, lamps, organizers, monitor arms, sit-stand converters, etc.

You will be able to find a range of tables here, such as coffee tables, side tables, round tables, training tables, and square tables too. Their inventory has both new furniture and refurbished old furniture. Their vast inventory makes them the largest Wisconsin Liquidation Center. They aim to provide affordable furniture for new offices and budding businesses. They have connections with some of the best furniture manufacturers in the region and can also cater customized furniture at your request. Also, they offer some of the fastest delivery times in the region.

Depending on your location, you can get your furniture delivered within 24 hours itself! They can provide commodities from top brands including Black Dog Office, Boss Office, Clearly Innovative, Corp Design, Express Office Furniture, Via Setting, and more. You can visit their website to get a better idea of their huge inventory.

Address: 2224 N Pleasant View Rd #6, Middleton, WI 53562, United States

Phone: +1 608-831-1012

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City Side Liquidators

City Side Liquidators: liquidation pallets Wisconsin

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, then we are sure you must have heard of, if not visited the City Side mall in Cornell. Perhaps, what you didn’t know was that City Side also deals in liquidated products from all over the country. Their discount store has the best deals in the entire city, and the number of items you can find here is immense.

They deal in pet supplies, garden equipment, tools, kids’ products, toys, kitchenware, furniture, and so much more. This place is a haven for everyday shoppers looking to make high-quality budget purchases. They are open every day of the week between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. You can directly mail them through their website form to get information or quotations on the products you would like to purchase.

However, unlike the stores mentioned above- this is more of retail liquidation pallets and will not supply pellets. If you are a first-time customer, then you can visit the mall on State Highway 64, Cornell, Wisconsin.

Address: 27238 WI-64, Cornell, WI 54732, United States

Phone: +1 715-239-6006

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The list above should give you ample options to consider for your next purchase, relocation, or down-sizing activities around Wisconsin. Although some bigger international names can help you deal in liquidated goods; however, if you choose to go local, then the five options above should perfectly fit the bill. Stay tuned for similar information and do leave a response below to help us serve you better!

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