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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Brighton For Amazing Deals (2024)

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There are tons of liquidation stores in Brighton that you can visit. These companies buy liquidation pallets in Brighton and then sell the items to their clients. Liquidated goods are quickly becoming a favorite among shoppers. Since Buying liquidated goods allows you to save a lot of money while receiving authentic and good-quality items. The possibilities are numerous and some companies sell all kinds of liquidated goods. We have made this article to make you aware of the best liquidators in Brighton. These companies help you save a lot of money while letting you buy branded items.

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Best Liquidators in Brighton:


Bargain Buys- PoundStretcher

PoundStretcher is among the top liquidation stores in Brighton. They are a chain of liquidation stores which is spread across the UK. the company has been effective at finding good deals for their clients. This has made them famous as one of the too-liquidators in Brighton. They are a nationwide chain of liquidation stores. Being part of a huge chain allows them to have direct contact with retailers and manufacturers in the UK.

they manage to directly source some of the highest-rated liquidated goods in the country. Their stores house a variety of goods that are sourced from the top brands in the industry they mainly buy overstocked and consumer return pallets. This helps them to get top-quality products to their liquidation stores in Brighton.

The company does not limit itself when it comes to the category of products that they sell. You will find them selling all types of liquidated items. The company allows you to make purchases through their website or by visiting their store. You can subscribe to their newsletter to be informed whenever they bring new goods to their store.

This company has helped thousands of customers in Brighton buy great liquidated goods at cheap prices. You should check their physical store to find out the quality of the goods which they sell.

Address: 101-103 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1273 660462

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Poundland is a company that has been the favorite of the people of Brighton. They rank among the top liquidation stores in Brighton. The company has multiple stores in Brighton. Each of their stores aims to provide its clients with unmatched value for money. This chain has been established to give customers branded goods at prices that they thought were not possible. The company serves over 7 million customers every week which shows the popularity they enjoy in the British liquidation industry. They help you save money on clothes, appliances, furniture, and more.

You can visit their store and check out all of the goods which they sell. They only sell goods that do not have any damage to them. You will find them having top-of-the-line brands when it comes to appliances and home furnishings. They have various public initiates as well to improve the communities which they serve. The company should be on the top of your list when looking for liquidators in Brighton.

Address: 166-168 Western Rd, Brighton BN1 2BB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1273 640243

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B&M Store

B&M Stores - liquidation stores in Brighton

With over 700 stores, B&M stores are one of the top names in the business. The company has shown extraordinary growth since it was founded. This company aims to help its clients get the best deals and save a lot of money. They have a team of experts who manage to secure deals that help their customers have great savings. All items are listed at huge discounts. On top of the highly discounted prices, the company offers additional deals to their customers.

The store is better known for its collection of home furnishings, furniture, appliances, and more. You will find all the items you need and much more when you pay a visit to their store. The company is always trying to find ways to improve its service to attract new customers. The aim of the company has always been to provide services that their customers have no complaints against. Their inventory keeps changing and you should visit their store to stay updated with their catalog of goods.

Address: 101-103 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1273 660462

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The Original Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop - liquidation stores in Brighton

This shop has all of the big-name brands when it comes to clothing. Companies such as Adidas, Nike, and others are also present in their store. Their store is based around bringing their customers premium clothing brands for cheap.

The clothes which you get at top retail stores can be found at their store for less than 70% of their retail prices. Apart from their premium clothing line, they also have fragrances and other items. You can use their website to receive products fr yourself and then visit their store to complete the purchase.

Address: 28 The Waterfront, Brighton Marina, Brighton BN2 5WA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1273 818590

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The Works

The Works - liquidation stores in Brighton

The Works presents you with a store where you can buy art supplies, books, and other things for sale. They are a much more niche store than some of the others we have mentioned in the lt. The company is great at procuring liquidated books and other art supplies for cheap.

They stick to their strengths and present their clients with a great collection of these items. You will also find them selling kids’ toys. They have one of the best liquidation stores in Brighton for books where you will be able to save a lot of money. They can become the ideal liquidators in Brighton for your needs.

Address: 48-50 Western Rd, Brighton BN1 2EB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1273 721044

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Peacocks - liquidation stores in Brighton

Peacocks let you buy a wide range of clothing items for cheap. The company just focuses on selling clothing and they do a good job at it. Whenever you visit their store, you will find great deals on clothing.

Their store is filled with great quality clothing items for men, women, and kids. You can visit their store to rehaul your wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money. You will find great discounts and the quality of goods they keep does not disappoint as well.

Address: 5-8 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1273 571547

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Marthill International

Marthill International

Liquidation stores in Brighton have become a popular place to shop for many customers. Customers have started to see the benefits of buying liquidated items. When wanting to check out liquidation pallets in Brighton you must check out Mathill International. This company is one of the biggest names in liquidation in not just Brighton but in the whole of the United Kingdom.

The company offers its clients some of the highest quality liquidated items. They are an international company which services clients all over the globe. The large number of global clients they have is a testament to their quality. They supply to a wide range of customers. There is no limit to the type of products that the company sells.

It sells liquidation pallets in Brighton which are dealt to be resold for a nifty profit. They deal only with the top brands. The company sourced their liquidation pallets and then organizes them. this helps them to have a huge volume of merchandise which they sell to their clients. The range of clothes they have is something which will catch your eye. They can deliver any quantity of pallets that you order. They have delivered more than 20 pallets to clients at once.

The company has streamlined its delivery services to ensure you have quick deliveries inUk and the rest of the world. They have some of the top brands which you will not find anywhere else. This company has delivered great liquidation pallets and they deserve a chance to serve you.



I-Bidder is a company that has made headlines for being one of the best companies for buying liquidated goods. The company does not sell all of the items present with them. They are more of a marketplace where companies from all over the United Kingdom come to sell their liquidated goods. The best part about this company is that being a marketplace they can offer you the largest range of items.

They have partnered up with reliable companies in the UK to ensure you get only the best products in the market. They do not have a physical location and all purchases have to be made through their online store. This online store allows you to choose your delivery speeds which makes them one of the top liquidators in Brighton. They have divided their entire website into many sections. Each section has its category of items being sold. Sellers lost the items they want to sell and put them up for auctions.

All items on their website are sold through auctions. You will have to place the winning bid to get the item you want. Their website serves both individual customers and businesses who want to release liquidated items. You will find liquidation pallets in Brighton being sold along with individual items as well. This helps you attract a wide range of customers who take part in their daily auctions.

Retail clients can get good value for money for the singular items which they buy from their website. All of the pallets sold on their website have a proper description which allows you to understand what types of goods you will be getting. You should visit their website due to the massive amount of options you have when buying liquidation pallets.



Many of the resellers who use their website have complimented the huge profits they have been able to make with the help of their website. This speaks volumes about the products delivered by Merkandi. The specialty of Merkandi is that they get you liquidated items from all over the world. T

heir pallets come from more than 150 countries in the world which shows why they are one of the best liquidation stores in Brighton.They do not have a physical store but their online store substitutes that. Merkandi have created a great website that will help you find the products which you need easily.

They use their contacts with retailers across the world to bring you pallets at cheap prices. They remove the middlemen from the equation and source goods directly from the retailers which give you quality assurance. All of the items sold by them are listed at crazy discounted prices. Some of the items are even sold at less than 90% of their retail prices.

These prices help you earn a good margin when you resell the liquidated goods. Merjandi has earned a name for themselves as they have found some of the best sites to be sold to their clients. The pallets available on their website come from the top companies in the world. They ship the items you buy to your doorstep and you do not have to go pick them up.

Clothes, tools, electronics, and furniture are just some of the categories of items available in the store. Their extensive connections in the liquidation market have enabled them to become one of the top liquidators in Brighton and the UK. visiting their website can help you find some amazing deals.

Home Bargains

Homebargains - liquidation stores in Brighton

If you are looking for liquidation stores in Brighton which provide amazing bargains, this is the store you should visit. Home Bargains stays true to its name and provide you bargains on multiple items. They have huge liquidation stores in Brighton which are filled to the brim with top-quality items. These items can be bought for unbelievably low prices and thus are a great option.

Having a customer-centric approach is what has separated this company from the others in the business. They bring items that are quick moving and thus their inventory is everchanging. The changing inventory presents you with opportunities to buy new items every week.


This list includes companies where you can buy individual items as well as liquidation pallets. This article should help you find ideal liquidation stores in Brighton. Since most of these companies have been in business for a long time and understand how to get the best products. You will find some of the best-liquidated goods when you visit their store. You can also use these companies to buy liquidation pallets in Brighton and resell the items.

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