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8 Best Liquidation Stores in Chichester For Great Deals (2024)

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Chichester, United Kingdom is a major shopping destination and the tenth most popular city in the country. Overall, there are over 300 independent stores and 40 large-scale shopping malls to choose from. Chichester is also home to the largest market on the south coast of England – High Street Kensington. However, it would take an entire day just to walk from end to end! For those looking for fast fashion but can’t afford it or need something a little more affordable than what is found in shops or at markets, there are these liquidation stores scattered across Chichester.

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When it comes to buying liquidation items that are sold in bulk, this is truly the top-of-the-line in Chichester. Sometimes, you can even find products that have yet to even be put on the shelves of stores. You really can’t find deals like these anywhere else! If you buy products at 50% off or more, then this store is a place where you will never have to worry about paying full price for groceries again.

Liquidation stores are a phenomenon of the 21st century. The name is derived from the concept of being able to buy goods sold out at wholesale prices, which in turn are brought down by around 80% after a company goes bankrupt or is bought out by another company. Most liquidation stores are not as grand as their bigger namesakes but there’s still plenty to be found for bargain hunters and those on a limited budget.

Best Liquidation Stores in Chichester: 

John Lewis

John Lewis - liquidation stores in Chichester

John Lewis offers a range of discount furniture, homewares, and textiles. The store is open six days a week with the busiest days being Fridays and Saturdays. John Lewis store offers discounts of up to 70% on items that are in limited supply or close-out items.

The store also offers everything from Nescafe and McCafe coffee to bars of Cadbury chocolate. If you’re looking for great deals on new John Lewis ranges, furniture or bedding then visit this store today! Remember to take advantage of their last-minute sale as well!

Address: Unit 4 Portfield Way, Chichester PO19 7YH, UK

Phone: +44 1243 813030

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Home Bargains

Home Bargains

The Home Bargains Store in Chichester features over 12,000 items and most are at 50% off their retail price. Everything has been sourced through a nationwide network of liquidators, which have stocked up on everything they can get their hands on (much like a supply line).

The store offers a unique concept for people who would like to buy things at a reduced price. It sells 12,000 items in one store, with prices that are usually 50% off.

There is practically everything you need to build your dream home or shop for furniture. When you go to the liquidators in Chichester, you will find everything from beds and sofas to mirrors and furniture.

Address: Barnfield retail park, Barnfield Dr, Chichester PO19 7AG, UK

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Dunelm - liquidation stores in Chichester

Dunelm offers a range of liquidation pallets in Chichester in different categories, but everything is cheaper than in the supermarket. The Booths have had a liquidation store for the past 15 years and are based in Chichester.

Each week they carry out the groceries that people have bought, so it’s best to get what you need when you visit. The liquidation business was started by John Booth decades ago who started with one shop and now has five across Sussex.

Address: Retail Park, Chichester PO19 7YH, UK

Phone: +44 1243 885431

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The Range

The Range

The Range store offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, and children’s and baby products. You can find affordable clothing items at bargain prices and a varied selection of brands. The Range is the top liquidation store in Chichester with a wide variety of clothes for all.

The store also offers a wide range of items from floor coverings to furniture and electrical goods. All the items are available to buy and some are available for viewing on their website.

The Range is one of the best liquidation stores in Chichester, with a wide variety of high-quality products to suit all aspects of your life – from flooring to furniture and even electrical goods. The prices are reasonable and delivery policies vary depending on the item you’re interested in purchasing.

Address: Westhampnett Rd, Chichester PO19 7ZL, UK

Phone: +44 1243 539040

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The Original Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop - liquidation stores in Chichester

The Original Factory Shop that more and more people were shopping online rather than in stores. The store offers everything from homewares, furniture & electrical goods, plus toys & clothing and is the perfect place to find cheap at less than half the price you would pay on the high street.

This store is a must-visit for anyone who wants great bargains without having to compromise on quality. so if you don’t see something you fancy in there then be sure to visit your local high street retailer.

Address: 15, Churchill Parade, Rustington, Littlehampton BN16 3DE, UK

Phone: +44 1903 785261

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B&M Home Store

B&M Home Store

B&M Home Store offers quality, unique liquidation pallets in Chichester for an all-time low price. At B&M Home Store, you can purchase furniture from the past 100 years and more. With amazing savings of up to 90% off regular prices and retailers’ motto: ‘Buy before the store closes the sale,’ be sure to shop smart and find those hidden bargains!

Be it furniture from old grandma’s houses, family heirlooms, or pricey designer pieces that are too big or small for your remodeled space, this store has a mind-blowing selection at its disposal. So come on in soon before they close their doors forever! You never know what gems you might find in these historic homes.

Address: Unit 1, Southern Cross Trading Estate, West Sussex, Bognor Regis PO22 9SE, UK

Phone: +44 330 838 9565

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Bargain Buys

Bargain Buys - liquidation stores in Chichester

The Bargain Buys offers a huge range of kitchens and homewares, clothing, toys, and art and crafts; all at an incredibly reduced price. You’ll never miss out on the opportunity to pick up that bargain you’ve been after.

The Bargain Buys is one of the best liquidation stores in Chichester for finding all your fashion needs at unbeatable prices. All this combined with fantastic customer service means having to brave the seaside isn’t as daunting as it should be!

The team here is committed to providing our customers with excellent service from start to finish and guaranteeing a standardized level of quality assurance for any product sold in store.

Address: Unit SU41 Meridian Shopping Centre, Havant PO9 1UN, UK

Phone: +44 23 9247 8514

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The Works

The Works

The Works offers a vast range of liquidation pallets in Chichester to choose from with a low price tag. They carry all sorts of brands from well-known big-name companies as well as some lesser-known ones.

Customers can find everything from housewares, jewelry, clothes, and more at the Works for great prices. The store is located in Chichester, West Sussex and it’s one of the best stores in the area to get your hands on hard-to-find items at a discounted price!

You can also find fantastic deals on furniture among other things as you’re sure to be able to find something that suits you perfectly here!

Address: 8 North St, Chichester PO19 1PS, UK

Phone: +44 1243 775785

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Tips to keep in mind while buying from a Liquidation Store:

There are a lot of ways that liquidation stores can make shopping more enjoyable for you. What do you think would be some tips to keep in mind?

  • Get the most for your money by researching the product first. Find out what it’s worth using and then compare that to what it’s priced as new.
  • Watch out for products with a “Manufacturer Warranty”. These will never be on sale, so always avoid anything with this tag if you’re looking to save money.
  • Get more money for your merchandise if you’re willing to take it apart. A lot of liquidators will take back the item, clean it up, and make a better profit on the sale if you put in the time and effort to do so.
  • Research any of the liquidators in Chichester before you actually buy anything. Pay close attention to customer reviews online and make sure that they won’t lead you into a bad decision. The best way to know is by trying it out yourself first!
  • Always get multiple bids. This is important so that you can compare different prices at different stores or even online retailers.


In conclusion, if you buy liquidation items at the perfect time, it will save you a lot of money. If you do not have time to read this article in its entirety and are looking for some places to buy cheap liquidation stores in Chichester, then please read on.

Chichester is indeed a beautiful town for those who love shopping and going out. However, if you are on a budget and need to find ways of saving money on groceries, then this list of 10 top liquidators in Chichester might be just what the doctor ordered for you.

Keep these stores in mind before hitting up your favorite grocery store so that it can help save your neck from any financial blowouts along with being able to shop without breaking the bank!

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