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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Carlisle For Best Deals (2024)

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Liquidation stores in Carlisle are a great opportunity to buy tons of items at a discounted price. If you’re in the market for cheap electronics, grocery items, home goods, or even wedding dresses then this list is for you! As a smart shopper, you know that there’s a time and place for everything: when thrifting and shopping at big-box retailers like Target or Walmart just won’t do.

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For these items, in particular, it’s time to go to a liquidation store! Liquidators in Carlisle continue selling goods after industries have shuttered operations, offering you deep discount prices on quality merchandise and furniture from stores all over the country. With modern technology and the convenience of online shopping, it’s difficult to imagine a time when every retail store wasn’t an Amazon 1-click away.

Liquidation stores are where we’re finding out that the past is not entirely forgotten. If you want to see what people did before they turned to Amazon Prime for everything from toilet paper to bedroom furniture and you don’t want to wait for shipping, visit one of these 10 liquidation stores in Carlisle.

Here are the top 10 liquidation stores in Carlisle: 

Edinburgh Woollen Mill

Edinburgh Woollen Mill

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill offers discounts on everything in the store, from its own brands to well-known brands by offering up to 70% off. The sight of items reduced in price can make it difficult to resist those deep discount offers but there are still plenty of items that won’t be sold at a knockdown rate. This includes bed linen, fashion accessories, and household goods.

The store also offers a range of items to suit all tastes, from silver jewelry and contemporary accessories to collectibles and vintage treasures. Specializing in Scottish textiles, the store offers exquisite scarves, cashmere jumpers, long woolen shawls for women, kilt pins, and tie clips for men. The shop will also be selling some Liquidation pallets in Carlisle like newlines in clothing made by Glasgow designers including Williams & Woods as well as a reduced range of Edinburgh Woollen Mill clothes that are still available online.

Address: Dobbies Garden Centre, Carlisle CA5 6LB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1228 710057

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The Works Liquidation Store

The Works Liquidation Store

The Works Liquidation Store has been selling products at up to 90% off retail since 1985. The store offers a variety of items for sale, including furnishings and art. However, it is primarily a liquidation store. The store offers a well-lit, clean, and organized environment with an extensive selection of high-quality products at discounted prices.

The Works Liquidation Store in Carlisle is the place to shop when you want to get a fantastic deal on the furniture and décor you need for your home or office. So here’s your chance to purchase some amazing products at a fraction of what they would cost new while supporting the local economy!

Address: 86-88 English St, Carlisle CA3 8HP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1228 544697

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Home Bargains 


Home Bargains offers a wide range of products at discount prices including clothing, household goods, and electrical items. If you’re an avid shopper but are fed up with paying full price for clothes then head to Home Bargains! With a whole section dedicated to clothes, you’ll be spoilt for choice with everything from tops and trousers to dresses and shoes.

But that’s not all, we also have a whole section of electrical items like hairdryers and microwaves at budget prices.  The store offers an amazing variety of items from TVs and speakers to books, clothes, furniture, electronics, and more at discounted prices. You can also search for items by name or by price in case you don’t find what you’re looking for.

The store has been around for a decade now and its motto is still the same – “Buy low, sell high.” If that sounds like your cup of tea then this store is perfect for you! There are a lot of liquidation stores in Carlisle but Home Bargains seems to be one of the biggest ones. They have over 1 million different potential deals every day and they have thousands more new ones every single week.

Address: 6, 7 Earls Lane, Carlisle CA3 8DG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1228 537159

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Poundland Liquidation Store

Poundland - Liquidation stores in Carlisle

Poundland offers a wide range of liquidation pallets in Carlisle and products at fantastic prices – they always have the best deals on everything you need. The first retail store in the UK to offer products at 5 pence, Poundland can save you an awful lot of money over time. You’ll find a broad range of groceries from crisps and chocolate bars to pasta and even cleaning products — all for just 5 pence or less! Not only this but there are some seriously great bargains in their big summer sale.

Buy 6 packets of Cereal for £1, 12 packs of Bin Bags for £2, and 16 bags of Brussels Sprouts for £1! No matter what your budget, they’re sure to have something that suits you. The store offers the usual items of a pound shop, such as sweets, soft drinks, and biscuits. There is also the much-coveted Poundland Pound sterling debit card which offers discounts of 5-10%. There is also an interactive screen in the store that allows you to compare prices through the UK’s leading retail loyalty program called Clubcard.

Address: Unit 5b, St Nicholas Gate, Retail Park, London Rd, Carlisle CA1 2EA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1228 537087

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TK Maxx Liquidation Store

TK Maxx - Liquidation stores in Carlisle

The TK Maxx store offers an extensive range of high-quality designer clothes and shoes for men, women, and children. The store is centrally located in Carlisle town center, making it easy for residents to access this popular store. The store also offers customers the opportunity to buy discounted brand-name clothing and footwear at a fraction of its retail price.

Many of the items are still in original packaging, although some retailers may have already accepted offers from buyers who are looking for one last bargain. The TK Maxx store offers a wide range of clearance items and prides itself on good packages. The store is famous for attracting high-spending customers from all over the country. With this in mind, the store offers a selection of luxury brands and craftsmanship at discounted prices that are not available anywhere else.

Address: Market Hall, 8 Fisher St, Carlisle CA3 8PU, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1228 819292

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Bhs Liquidation Store

Bhs Liquidation Store - Liquidation stores in Carlisle

Bhs Liquidation Store in Carlisle offers a wide variety of brands for less! This Liquidation Business Store has been a family-owned business for over 38 years and is locally owned, so you can have peace of mind knowing your shopping experience is beyond comparison. This Liquidation Store has been liquidating since 1981. They offer a wide variety of items at great prices. They also buy estate jewelry and diamonds; as well as sell furniture and estates too.

The store offers everything from original furnishings, to household goods, to clothes and shoes. Why do we say it’s an “everything” store? Well, if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the store – chances are that they can order it for you! The store offers everything from designer fashions to shoes, furniture to sporting goods, jewelry to toys. All items are in great condition and will help you save money on all your shopping needs! You’ll get top dollar prices at this Liquidation Store while supporting their local economy.

Address: 1 English St, Carlisle CA3 8JW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1228 538834

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Direct Liquidation Store

Direct Liquidation Store - Liquidation stores in Carlisle

Direct Liquidation Store seeks to help customers with their outdoor furniture needs! They are amongst the top Liquidators in Carlisle that offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture including lounge chairs and chaise lounges. The Direct Liquidation Store offers items that are being closed out or received as a liquidation purchase and may not be returning to the store.

The store also offers a wide variety of items, from furniture and clothes to toys and electronics. In order to reduce space for new products, they are going out of inventory at a rapid pace. So, if you need something quick and in good condition, come in! They have huge discounts so you can save money while getting what you need.

Gretna Gateway Outlet Village

The Gretna Gateway Outlet Village offers more than 60,000 square feet of outlet stores and fantastic deals on factory seconds, discontinued items, irregularities, and more. The store offers a wide variety of merchandise at reduced prices. From clothing to furniture, you’ll find something for everyone. This liquidator in Carlisle is open seven days a week and regularly has truckloads of new arrivals arriving daily.

The store offers brand-name clothing from top designers such as Nike, Coach (Coach), Adidas, Calvin Klein Jeans, and more for up to 70% off. The outlet also features shoes for men, women, and kids from top brands such as Rockport®, Reebok®, Skechers® (Skechers), and more. And with 600 pairs of shades in stock at any given time it is the perfect place to find your next pair of shades.

Footloose Liquidation Store

The Footloose Liquidation Store offers a wide variety of styles, merchandise, and price ranges. You’ll find bargain deals and great products for such a large scope of people. You name it, they’ve got it!  They specialize in home furnishings, clothing, toys and so much more. They have been liquidating in Carlisle for over three years; selling from our store to the public every day at deep discounts.

So Carlisle shoppers have you been looking for a powerhouse liquidation store in Carlisle that offers a mix of new and used goods? Look no further than Footloose Liquidation Store. They have got everything from exercise equipment to office furniture, from lighting to couches.

Xmas Store 

The Xmas Store offers a wide range of items, from toys to bedding and everything in between. There’s also a selection of seasonal clothing for kids and adults as well as bath mats and towels. Make sure you’re keeping your Christmas list updated this year with items such as Nerf guns and LED lights for the younger generation! Give the gift of savings by grabbing a gift card to save you time on location-specific gifts.

Xmas Store is a liquidation store in Carlisle. The store offers a wide variety of goods, both new and pre-owned. Your entire family will love to explore the old-fashioned atmosphere at Xmas Store! The store has been around for more than 60 years, with an inventory that ranges from dolls to home decor.

It’s open seven days a week, which means there’s never any need for last-minute shopping here! The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without popping in for some festive fun at Xmas Store. The store offers a wide variety of goods, new and pre-owned. Your entire family will love to visit the Xmas Store!


In conclusion, though some liquidation stores in Carlisle might be a little more difficult to find, Carlisle has some of the best ones in the country. With nearly twenty stores in ten different Carlisle locations, there is no shortage of things to buy for cheap. You may not be able to get a great deal at one of these shops, but it is still always worth looking at. Liquidation and estate sales are generally known as places where people can find good deals on cheap items that they don’t need anymore.

These types of sales are also often called resale shops or thrift stores when they sell used clothes or other products. Thus we put together these of our top 10 favorite liquidation stores in Carlisle. With such a variety of retail stores in the city, you’re sure to find something you like. We hope this post has helped you narrow down your search for the perfect store to buy from.

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