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8 Best Liquidation Stores in Oxford (2024)

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Liquidation or Closing Down is the process of selling or otherwise converting a business with an existing inventory for scrap value or to pay debts. Liquidation stores in Oxford are businesses that liquidate products in bulk. These stores often specialize in liquidating electronics, toys, and other items that are limited in supply. Liquidation stores are one-stop shops for discounted items from a number of retailers.

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These stores often feature products made by the retailer. Liquidation Stores around college and university campuses are a thing now, and you’ve likely seen one on your way to class.

Many college students flock to these stores for their back-to-school shopping needs. Visit liquidation stores in Oxford to get your hands on decent deals and variety! They can also help you get rid of any excess inventory you might have laying around your home.

Oxford Liquidators are the go-to place for thrifty shoppers. Who are looking to score deals on discontinued, irregular, or over-priced products.

Liquidation stores are also located in other areas around the world. But Oxford has some great ones that you should check out. There is a wide range of products at these stores, including kitchenware and children’s toys. For example, one Oxford liquidation store is selling tons of Croc shoes for just $20! There are also many deals on TVs at $400 or less.

Liquidation Stores offer so many great deals that you will have difficulty picking only one store to visit for your shopping needs. Sometimes, it may be hard to find the perfect store for your needs, but these stores are able to meet all of your shopping wants and even fulfill some of your quirky desires.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on the market for clothing, furniture, electronics, or jewelry, then now is the time to save money by visiting Liquidation stores in Oxford.

Buy Liquidation Pallets in Oxford:

Bargain Hunter Oxfordshire

Bargain Hunter Oxfordshire- Liquidation Store in Oxford

The store which is located on Cowley Road was previously owned by Roderick Bremner, who has been selling goods at discounted rates since 1987. Bargain Hunter Oxfordshire is an online shopping service that compares prices of products and delivers the lowest price to your doorstep every month making.

It one of the most valued Liquidation stores in Oxford. If you’re looking for grocery items, electricals, cosmetics or textbooks – then you’ll find excellent prices at Bargain Hunter Oxfordshire today.

Get starting with a free trial of the service and enjoy immediate savings by comparing prices in your local area. As always, they promise not to mark up their low prices when you have ordered from them.

Phone: 615-846-3938

The Old Laundry

The Old Laundry- Liquidation Store in Oxford

The store which is located in Cowley Road, has a range of second hand items available at discounted prices. The store is currently being purchased by the owners of Oxford Bargains, making it easier for visitors to the site to find what they’re looking for in one location.

There are a few things that you should know before you enter The Old Laundry Liquidation Store. First, the staff is always friendly. Second, they have discontinued inventory but they still have many other items in stock, like the never-sold-out Diamond Baby Oil or those old packages of coffee filters from 1995.

Third, they can set you up with the biggest fine-tooth comb in the land. Fourth, some of their merchandise is used – but still in great shape. Fifth and finally, there is no business like this one – so come on down and see what they have that you can use.

Phone: (08) 6162 1105

Cash Converters

Cash Converters

The store is located on Cowley Road and provides people with a range of different items at affordable prices. The store also hosts a service which provides loans for items purchased from the shop.

If you’ve been looking for a great deal on used and unwanted items including: electric guitars, cell phone cases, laptops, microwaves, video games consoles, toasters, silverware sets and even antique pieces of furniture you are in luck! Cash Converters Liquidation Store in Oxford has an extensive inventory of quality merchandise to fulfill all your needs.

Customers can also get cash for things that they no longer need in their homes, providing them with an added incentive to buy more things from the store.

Address: 55 High St, Banbury OX16 5JJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1295 232460

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Oxford Bargains

Oxford Bargains

An online store that sells second-hand goods at cheap prices, the website is a one-stop-shop for those looking to save money. Shoppers can browse items that are currently in stock and take advantage of discounts on overstocked items.

The website also provides information on local liquidation stores in the area, making it easier for people to find items they need at affordable prices.

The Oxford Bargains Liquidation Store is the largest store in the UK for discounted clothing, shoes, and accessories. Founded in early 2005 by Baron & Baroness von Rothschild, Oxford Bargains was on an incredible mission. Their goal: is to offer nothing but higher quality products at lower prices to consumers from all walks of life.

Address: Botley Rd, Oxford OX2 0HA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1865 950957

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Easy Cash

Easy Cash

The store sells second-hand goods at drastically discounted rates. Easy cash first branch opened in Oxford in 2013 following successful trials of the online store.

If you want to timeshare, or want to liquidate some items that you inherited with the rise in value of Bitcoin. Easy Cash Liquidation Store in Oxford is a good option. They offer cash for gold and other items as well as Bitcoin exchange services. The company will buy back your coins at the current market price and exchange them for cash.

Fill A Pound

Fill A Pound- Liquidation Store in Oxford

The store which is located in Cowley Road, provides people with a range of different items at affordable prices. The store also offers free delivery on orders over £7 and free returns on orders over £25.

While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest price, understand that there are many factors to consider. A store’s location doesn’t always determine how much you will pay for your purchases. There are plenty of opportunities for consumers. To find out what is around them before they start making decisions on prices.

Pound Liquidators Store in Oxford MS is an example of a cheap place. where many people go for affordable furniture and home décor items.

Wholesale clearance

Wholesale clearance

Wholesale clearance is currently the top-selling second-hand shop in Oxford making it in this list of best Oxford liquidators. The store offers a wide range of items such as clothes, furniture, and books at discounted rates.

Wholesale clearance, Oxford MS, is a full-service provider of new and pre-owned furniture, electronics, appliances and more. Visit at any time for the best deals on the newest or most popular high-quality items.

At wholesale clearance liquidation Store, they proudly offer the largest selection of new and pre-owned merchandise in Oxford MS. They purchase all types of household goods from homes across Alabama including furniture, electronics, appliances and more. They also offer nationwide pick up services for larger items that are not readily available in their local inventory.

Blue Moon Estate Sales

Blue Moon Estate Sales is a great place where old and second hand items are at affordable prices. The shop also provides a range of services to visitors including cash for scrap items. 

The Blue Moon Estate Sales is Liquidation Store, Oxfordshire, UK is a fully licensed retail store which buys and sells second-hand goods of any type. The blue moon estate sales prides itself on the quality of its stock, many items are new or in excellent condition.

This store is open Monday to Saturday 9 am – 6 pm. The place also has an online store which offers one day bidding on some products with free UK postage, including some rare items.

What to consider when buying from a liquidation store?

Liquidation stores like Crazy Eddie’s or liquidators like Marshalls are a great way for someone on a budget to find designer clothing and other items at deep discounts. Here are some things to consider before making the trip, not only in terms of the quality of the items but also what they can teach you about your style. In general, buying from a liquidation store is a good idea if your goal is to look rather than functionality.

  • You will probably be buying some damaged or overpriced designer clothing and you need to have realistic expectations.
  • You will have to pay for shipping, which adds up quickly. Either bring a second-hand cart (I recommend one with a fixed seat as it is more comfortable and safer for everyone) or purchase new if you plan on having the items shipped from a few different stores
  • You may have to negotiate with the store on the value of everything you buy. But be sure to ask for their opinion before taking anything home
  • Always be willing to walk away from a transaction – never feel like there is any obligation to “make an offer” because no one will bid higher than what you are willing to pay.
  • Know how much shipping is going to cost, and plan on buying before it ups the price of the items being liquidated (courier delays, customs, etc.

Why are liquidation stores better than other convenience stores? 

Liquidation stores are great for all sorts of reasons. Liquidation stores are one-stop shops where you can find reduced things from a variety of stores. Products create by the merchant are frequently featured in these stores. And these products are frequently discontinued, irregular, closeout merchandise, or merchandise no longer linked with a brand due to bankruptcy.

Visit liquidation stores to find good bargains and a wide choice of items. They may also assist you in getting rid of any extra merchandise you may have in your home. They typically have deeply discounted prices so you can save a bundle.

It has awesome clearance items like furniture and rarely-used items — it’s like going to the dump and buying items you would have never even thought of buying! Imagine how surprised you’ll be at the amount of stuff you can find at the liquidation store!

You’ll be able to buy at below wholesale prices! You’ll also be able to sell your old items at a liquidation store and make good money. You will save so much money in gas because you’ll only need to travel to one store for all of your home needs!

They’re better than the superstore because they sell excess inventory from wholesale distributors and closeout shops, not just retail stores or production companies that go through middlemen as normal wholesale stores do. Your relatives and friends will be totally amazing by the fact that you have your own liquidation store!


Finally, what are some of Oxford’s most popular liquidation stores? What are the most popular items in these establishments? Which store is the most convenient for me? Many queries might be answer by reading this post about the 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Oxford.

With all of the information supplied, readers should be able to choose their ideal store with ease. Location, products sold, liquidation pallets offered and whether or not you want a mousepad are all factors to consider.

This article will assist you in locating the greatest offer on your preferred product! The shopping experience is typically comparable to that of a traditional retail store. With a vast variety of high-quality products available at reasonable rates.

What is the best way to locating Liquidation stores in Oxford? Now you know where to search, making the task a bit easy.  Know before you shop, so you’ll be ready for the treasure hunt. That awaits you when the pre-loved clothing and accessories arrive at your door.

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