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3 Best Pawn Shops in Clarksville, TN For Quality Gems (2024)

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If you are living in Clarksville or surrounding areas, there must’ve been times when you felt the necessity of taking loans. There also must’ve been times when you felt like selling some of your old but valuable belongings. Well, pawn shops are such places you can rely on to get all these needs covered. As you or may not know, there are tons of options when it comes to finding pawn shops in Clarksville TN.

However, not all of these options are worth relying upon and provide the best pawn services. There are only a few options that are worth investing time, effort, and money for all kinds of pawn needs. The best part is that in this post, we’ve listed the 3 best pawn shops out there you can rely on and are absolutely worth it.

Best Pawn Shops in Clarksville TN:

Easy Pawn

Easy Pawn - pawn shops clarksville tn

The first entry that we’ve on this list of best pawn shops in Clarksville TN is EZPAWN. If you’ve been looking for pawn shops in the Clarksville area, we’re sure you must’ve come across this name. We say so because EZPAWN is one of the biggest and leading pawn shop companies in the nation. 

To begin with, EZPAWN has been there in this pawn business since 1974, with its first store in Austin, Texas. Since then, it has served millions out there by making their lives easier with top-notch pawn products and services. As a result, today, it boasts more than 500 pawnshops nationwide. Being in the industry for more than 45 years, the experience and reputation of EZPAWN are pretty unmatchable by any other pawn shop out there.

You can visit EZPAWN’s pawn store to shop and get quick access to cash and brand-name merchandise at super-affordable prices. You can visit its Easy Pawn pawn store located at Fort Campbell Boulevard, Clarksville for pawning or selling quality items. 

Address: 1144 Fort Campbell Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37042

Phone: +1 931-647-3323

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Gold Exchange and Loan Company

Gold Exchange and Loan Company

As the name suggests, if you are looking for pawning or selling jewelry, then this is the pawn store for you. You should not look any further than Gold Exchange and Loan Company for your jewelry and loan needs. 

Gold Exchange and Loan Company has been there in the business for years and got a reputation in the market. The company is well-known for offering customers the best value for jewelry through a fast and easy process. In addition, the company is also well-known for offering the best in class customer service and support. 

You can visit Gold Exchange and Loan Company’s pawn store conveniently located at Madison St, Clarksville, TN for your needs. Visiting the store would be worth it as all the professionals working here are courteous, respectful, dedicated, and trustworthy. Also, stores are well maintained, clean, well-lit, and feature state-of-the-art facilities.

Address: 1786 Madison St, Clarksville, TN 37043

Phone: +1 931-551-8600

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Cowboy Dan’s Trading Post & Pawn

Cowboy Dan's Trading Post & Pawn

The third entry that we have on this list of best pawn shops Clarksville TN is Cowboy Dan’s Trading Post & Pawn. At Cowboy Dan’s Trading Post & Pawn, you get to choose from a wide range of quality pawn items. The best part is that you get to buy these pawn items at prices much lower than that charged by other pawn stores out there.

The pawn items you get to buy here include a wide range of firearms, electronics, appliances, tools, instruments, and the list goes on. We would suggest you visit COWBOY DAN’S Facebook page to see all the latest arrivals as well as the items available for sale.

You can visit Cowboy Dan’s Trading Post & Pawn store at Dover Rd, Clarksville, TN, United States. You need not hesitate to visit the store as there you’ll be able to get assistance from experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals.

Address: 416 Dover Rd, Clarksville, TN 37042

Phone: +1 931-896-2084

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Pawn shops?

To begin with, the word pawn has been derived from the Latin word “pignus,” meaning pledge. When we relate it with the pawn shops, it makes perfect sense. 

Generally, pawn shops are places where you can get secured loans by keeping your personal property or belongings as collateral. This personal property or belongings that you use as collateral for getting the loans is known as pawns or pledges. In addition to providing secured loans to people, pawn shops nowadays also specialize in a number of other services.

Pawn Shops nowadays resell pawned belongings and offer auxiliary services, such as money transfers, cellphone activation, etc. Hence, in addition to getting secured loans, you can also rely on pawn shops for buying products at extremely discounted prices and other services.

How do Pawn Shops Work?

The workings of pawn shops start when anyone brings their items to pawn or sell. Pawn shops then check the ownership of the items and check whether one is 18 years of age. Once everything’s on point, pawn shops appraise the items brought and determine the value or cash amount they can lend. Pawn shops then hold the items for a specified period and provide cash in the form of loans.

The period for the cash provided and the items kept in holding varies depending on state law. One need not worry about the items as pawn shops keep them fully safe and secure. Finally, once the period is over, the items can be retrieved again by just paying off the cash or loan. In many cases, pawn shops even offer extensions and renewals in the entire process, as permitted by law.

Also, pawn shops provide the option to surrender the items pawned or used as collateral. If one goes for the option, there is nothing further to do or need for paying back the cash borrowed. Not paying off the cash borrowed or loan won’t cause any scenario of judgment or have any impact on your credit score. 

How do Pawn shops Determine Value?

First, pawn shops pawn or provide loans on things that have good resale value. The value of any item is determined primarily depending on the price which can be charged for it in the market. To have an idea of any item’s resale value or market price, in-house and third-party experts are frequently consulted by these pawn shops. Also,  online resources and “blue book” databases are frequently considered by these pawn shops.

Second, after resale value, the value of any item is determined based on a number of factors. The factors that come into play while determining the value of any item include condition, duration, longevity, etc. 

What can you Sell at Pawn shops?

There are a plethora of items that you can sell at pawn shops. Some pawn shops specialize in buying only specific types of items while most other pawn shops specialize in almost everything.

However, there are a few main types of items that are usually sold at pawn shops such as – jewelry, precious metals, fashion accessories, firearms, electronics, power tools, musical instruments, sporting equipment, and more.


With all these said, we come to the end of this post on ‘Best Pawn Shops Clarksville TN’. We have covered everything you need to know about pawn shops. From discussing the 3 best options in Clarksville to answering some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic, we’ve covered it all. We’re pretty sure that you need not have to worry or struggle with your pawn needs anymore in the future. 

Before we end, we would like to remind you to save this post on Clarksville TN pawn shops for future reference. We say so because you never know when these pawn shops may come in handy to you in Clarksville. 

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