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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Oklahoma City in 2024

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If you want high-quality products at a low price, you should buy them from liquidation stores. In today’s world, everything is very expensive, and we spend a lot of money on various types of products. If you want the same products at lesser prices, buying them from Liquidation Stores in Oklahoma City is always better.

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Liquidation stores will assure you with products in good condition and cost very little. In good condition,   Liquidation stores in Oklahoma city are some of the best. In Oklahoma, many products are getting produced every day. These are products from all types of places and even high-end brands. Since there are so many of these, it is impossible to sell them.

A few of these products get leftover and don’t get sold. These products are later sold for a much lesser price in great quality in liquidation stores. Oklahoma City has different types of liquidation stores ranging from furniture stores, pallet stores, stores for clothes, appliance stores, etc. These products have been rejected from the original stores or gone to waste. Liquidation stores are great as they don’t throw these products away. They use these products so that someone else can use them.

This is a great way to preserve products and help people who need cheap stuff. There are many amazing liquidation stores in Oklahoma, and therefore, choosing from them may become a little difficult. Therefore, to make this job easier for you, we have researched all the different liquidation stores in Oklahoma.

Here is the list of the 10 best liquidation stores in Oklahoma City.

McNeil Liquidations – Estate Sales & Appraisals

McNeil Liquidations - Estate Sales & Appraisals

McNeil liquidations is a liquidation store in Oklahoma that sells great quality products at the best price rates. They have various products in their stores like jewellery, antiques, furniture, vehicles and many more. They have a very well maintained store with all the products in great condition. The staff here are experts in managing real estate sales.

They sell a lot of real estate at some of the best places in the city. McNeil liquidations have a team of experts ready to help you with any difficulties you face while working with them. They also have great customer care and are very customer friendly.

They have been working in this field for many years and have a lot of experience. McNeil liquidations keep holding occasional sales so that you can buy their products at even lesser prices. Since he was nine, the company’s main owner has been working in antiques and its trade. This can prove how experienced and trustable they are.

Address: 3128 NW 26th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

Phone: +1 405-820-2814

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Dakil antiques

Dakil antiques - Liquidation Stores in Oklahoma City

Dakil Antiques is an antique liquidation store in Oklahoma. They have great products that they sell at very great prices. They also have heavy construction and industrial equipment. Dakil Antiques are very well versed in this field of business and have great knowledge about the same. They are very experienced and specialize in liquidation business, auto auctions and many more.

Dakil Antiques are professional, rational, and relevant. When you go into their stall, they will understand your needs and sell you some of the best products to fit your needs the best. They have been functioning since 1982 and have worked for over 200 years.

They have a huge amount of land on which they hold auctions in Liquidation Stores in Oklahoma City. We keep occasional sales as well in which you can get more discounts. The function both domestically and internationally. Dakil Antiques will make sure to give you successful sales and will make sure to provide you with products which you will be satisfied with.

Dakil Antiques are always ready to help and are very interactive. They also use the best technology to keep up with the changing times. Dakil Antiques have online auctions as well. They have amazing databases, computerized custom auctions and effective informational websites. All you need to do is contact them and get started.

Address: 200 NW 114th St., Oklahoma City, OK, 73114

Phone: 405-260-9785

Laser liquidators

Laser liquidators b- Liquidation Stores in Oklahoma City

Laser liquidators are a liquidations stores in Oklahoma City. They are a store of liquidation pallets Oklahoma. They also sell various laser liquidation products at high-quality and great prices. You can buy laser machines from them at some of the lowest prices that you will get in the city. They hold amazing discounts, making your shopping experience a lot lighter and more fun.

Laser liquidators have a great variety of machines and palates to choose from. They also have pallets from major brands such as Topcon, Trimble, Sokkia, Leica, spectra, and many more. They are the only place to get these brands at such low prices. We have almost all palate and liquidation laser materials you may need in the store. Therefore they are a one-stop store for these products.

Laser liquidators keep updating their store always to have new stocks and new products coming in. Laser liquidators have great service and customer care. They also have amazing support contracts. Laser liquidators give a warranty on all of their products so that if anything goes wrong, you can always ask them to fix it for you.

They also have a very fast delivery in which they will deliver your products within just 24 hours. Before they send you the product, they will check it to prevent defects or problems. They also packet to the early well to arrive safely at your doorstep. They will try their best to give you the smoothest shopping experience that they can and have return policies.

Address: 100 N Rockwell Ave STE 96, Oklahoma City, OK 73127, United States

Phone: +1 405-470-3737

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Prime distributors

Prime distributors

Prime distributor is a store of Oklahoma liquidation. They have almost all the different products and supplies you may need at amazing prices. All of their products are high-quality and well maintained.

Prime distributor will provide you with everything that you may need from alcohol and beverages, auto products, breakfasts, snacks and desserts, commercial products, cleaning production, electronic products, fine wines, grocery products, outdoor materials, dairy products, pet products, health products, beauty products and many more. Prime distributor have very fast delivery and great sales.

They hold an Oklahoma liquidation sale annually and occasionally. Their sales are born with great deals and offers in which you can get a lot of products at amazing discounts.

They also allow you to shop online and pay through online methods. This makes shopping a lot easier and faster. Prime distributor deliver to your doorstep as fast as possible with the best quality.

They have the widest range of products you may need at the lowest prices.  They have great customer service and customer care.

Therefore, you can contact them at any time of the day, and they will make sure to reply to you. They will understand all of your needs and will deliver as per those. They also have a lot of stores all over the city so that you can access them from wherever you live.

Address: 1001 NW 4th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States

Phone: +1 405-290-7174

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Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations

Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations

Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations are great liquidation stores in Oklahoma. They liquidate vehicles and appliances. They hold occasional auctions to sell cars and commercial products to the best bidders.

If you have any old cars or commercial products, you can donate them to them and, they will make sure to sell them at the best price possible.

This will help you make the best of your old items and get good payment. Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations are very experienced and have branches all over the world. One of the most trusted vehicle disposal liquidators and will give you the best services possible.

They also provide appraisal services. They have a team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable members who will help you with any problems.

Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations also provide immediate solutions that are customised for your specific situation. We know various things such as power plants, tombstone factories, solar installations, companies, movie cars, props and more.

They have sold all of these products and many other products with no complaints and at the best price possible. They have qualified and licensed auctions, which will give you an amazing experience.

Address: 835 Route 100 N (11,685.24 km) 19505 Bechtelsville, PA, US

Phone: +1 888-255-3933

James bean estate sales

James bean estate sales

James bean estate sales are known as the best liquidators in Oklahoma. They liquidate all kinds of home supplies and home decor. They also liquidate furniture. If you want furniture at a low price and of good quality, then you should buy them from the store.

They have amazing customer service and are very transparent. They also have return policies. Along with these products, they also provide real estate sales and estate appraisals. You can trust them with your property, and they will make sure to sell it for a good price in an auction.

Address: 2625 W Britton Rd E, The Village, OK 73120, United States

Phone: +1 405-528-0127

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Antique house

Antique house is a liquidation store in Oklahoma that specializes in selling antique products. They have a great range of products of great quality which you can choose from. They’ve got many different branches of the store all over the city so that you can access them from wherever you live. They also have a few magazines to read more about them and understand how they work.

Antique house have the best resources to buy antiques from. They also allow you to sell antiques, finance, and collectables. You can put a few of your products on auction and sell them to the highest bidder. They keep occasional sales to get the same products at even more discounts. This makes shopping with them a lot more fun and exciting. The staff has great training and is very customer friendly.

Antique house have an amazing knowledge of antiques and will show you some of the best products when you go to the store. They will also help you with your needs and give you a great shopping experience. They also sell various fine arts and crafts materials.

Sooner liquidations

Sooner Liquidations is a liquidation store in Oklahoma. They specialise in shopping and retail. They have huge sales occasionally in which they will give you up to 40 to 50% off various products. Sooner Liquidations sell technical products like computer gaming headsets, keyboards and mouses. Sooner Liquidations are also a pallet liquidation store. This means that they sell Oklahoma liquidation pallets at great quality and very great prices.

We have all different kinds of pallets that you can choose from. Sooner Liquidations will ensure that none of their customers is unsatisfied with their purchases. Sooner Liquidations also specialise in customer returns, overstocked items, and shelf pulls from some of the greatest brands and retailers in the country.

They mostly have hold clearance sales from overstock products. Therefore without a doubt, their products are of amazing quality. They are very customer friendly and interactive. You can easily contact them and get your products. They also hold weekly sales to give you great deals and offers.

They also have some great quality computers that you can buy at half the original price. The store is very well maintained and easy to shop in. They have many branches across the city to access them wherever you live.

Address: 8010 S Shields Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73149, United States’

Phone: +1 405-312-3126

Estate sales and liquidations Inc

Estate sales and liquidation is another great liquidation store in Oklahoma. They liquidate all types of furniture and household items. Dear resell antique and vintage products stored for a long time. These products are valuable and have a lot of respect for their name. You can buy these products at extremely low prices from estate sales and liquidations.

You can also donate your old items to them, and they will sell them in an auction at the best price. They also give the dogs to the highest bidder to get great pay for your products. They maintain all of the products in very great condition. We keep them high-quality and intact. They also have a written policy so that if there are any problems with the products, customers can always return them.

We can tell they are Customer-friendly and have great customer service. You can contact them at any time of the day, and they will make sure to reply to you and help you out with any queries. You need to get in touch with them and start buying your product. We also have amazing offers and deals in which you can get even more discounts on some of their amazing products.

They have also been functioning for a long time now. Therefore, they have great experience in liquidation and are highly qualified when it comes to selling. They will make your shopping experience as smooth and fun as possible with them. For this purpose, they even have easy payment services to pay in whatever manner you like and comfortable for you.

Address: 11809 Bevenshire Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73162, United States

Phone: +1 405-722-7854

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Watkins estate sales and liquidations

Watkins State sales and liquidation is an amazing liquidation store in Oklahoma. They provide real estate of great quality at the best prices. They have amazing estate services. Watkins State sales and liquidation have been working in this field for a long time and have a lot of information. They are one of the best estate providers in the city, and they can help you with all of your problems.

If you are moving to downsize or looking for a real estate property to inherit, they can help you liquidate it. You can go to them and donate your state and ask them to sell it at the best price. Watkins State sales and liquidation will take care of all the other things that come with the selling process. They will make sure to make your property look very presentable and attractive.

They will make it look very eye-catching and give it great prices to get as many customers as possible. The main purpose is to help you make the most out of a sale.

You need to call them and have a consultation talk with them. You can give them all the information about your estate and they will try their best to liquidate it. To make your experience even smoother, they will allow you to pay from any payment method you like.

They are very transparent and reliable and have great reviews on all platforms. They also provide services throughout Oklahoma, including Moore, Norman and Midwest city. Another amazing thing about them is that they have been in this business for seven years now and counting. This shows how much experience they have and why you can trust them with your real estate.


With this, we have come to the end of this list of the 10 Best liquidation stores in Oklahoma City . We hope that this helped you gain more knowledge about liquidation stores.

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