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7 Best & Valuables Pawn Shops in Montgomery, Alabama

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There is hardly anyone out there who hasn’t been in a tight financial spot time and again. Although there are various means to procure extra money when your bank account is running low, pawn shops remain a customer favorite. Surprisingly, the value of the US pawn market was as high as $2.43 billion in 2020. Essentially, a pawnbroker provides personal loans to people on basis of an asset, known as collateral. For instance, gems, bonds, jewelry, etc. Pawn shops usually boast a high-interest rate, which can appear problematic to most people.

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However, since the loans are given out for a short period, the total interest doesn’t add up to be overwhelming. Moreover, pawn shops hand out money to their customers almost immediately. Contrary to a bank, you do not have to go through a grueling process of filling in loads of paperwork, providing security contacts, etc. With time, pawnbrokers have become highly accountable, removing most risk factors in the business.

If you have been searching for pawn shops in Montgomery Alabama, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we shall go through the most popular and most visited pawn shops in Montgomery, Alabama. We’ll take a brief look at their lending capability, credibility, and more.

Best Pawn Shops in Montgomery, Alabama:

Money Mizer Pawns and Jewelers

Money Mizer Pawns and Jewelers - pawn shops montgomery alabama

If you’re looking for some amazing goods to sell or buy at highly lucrative prices, then Money Mizer should be on your list. This store hosts vintage items ranging from music records, and instruments, to rare jewelry and so much more. From purely vintage to new and old curated items, Money Mizer is a treasure trove of everything precious.

They have been functional in the South for more than 40 years. Moreover, if you have a great item to pawn or sell, you can get some astounding loans. They pay you then and there, the procedure is simple and transparent, and they provide complete accountability. Visiting Money Mizer is like stepping into a hidden museum that holds some classic American items that mark the region’s cultural growth.

Address: 644 N Eastern Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States

Phone: +1 334-513-7183

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Tri-County Pawn

Tri-County Pawn

Tri Country Pawn offers you a great selection of goods and even better service. Without a doubt, they have some of the most enthusiastic employees who know their craft like know another. To begin, they are masters at appraising goods through hundreds of categories. Moreover, they perform extensive research and promise nothing but the best to their customers.

Their process is smooth and quick. Hence, you can buy and sell within a matter of hours or even less. Look forward to a rich collection of DVDs, electronics, jewelry, cars, firearms, and much more to make you drool. Most importantly, you get some hefty loans at minimal interest rates!

Address: 601 S Memorial Dr, Prattville, AL 36067, United States

Phone: +1 334-361-1122

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City Pawn Shop

City Pawn Shop - pawn shops montgomery alabama

City Pawn Shop is serving Montgomery since 1945. Needless to say, they have significantly high experience and knowledge in the world of pawn brokers. Since pawning and selling have been a common practice in the region, the whole process is much more transparent.

It won’t be wrong to say that you will not find better dealers in the entire region and even the country. Between 2004 and 2021, City Pawn Shop was voted Montgomery’s best pawn shop 8 times! You do not need to worry about profitable transactions and credibility.

They provide quick cash loans and host a range of items to buy from. For instance, wedding sets, rings, watches, luxury bags, wallets, firearms, etc. If you are an eager curator, you will also find some exquisite coins, instruments, electronics, and much more.

Address: 4501 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36109, United States

Phone: +1 334-263-6123

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Best pawn & exchange co

Best pawn & exchange co

Best Pawn and Exchange co is the friendliest place to go to if you are looking for some short-term loans. Notably, the people at Best Pawn make you feel like family. They are straightforward and honest in their transactions. Hence, you do not have to waste time bargaining or researching on your own.

They will be the first ones to inform you of the true value of any good, the market scene, and great information that you might not be able to find online. Again, their customers are really important to them since Montgomery is their home too. They believe anyone who enters their door is family and they are responsible to take care of all their interests.

Address: 4448 Wetumpka Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36110, United States

Phone: +1 334-244-1919

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Sonny’s Pawn & Gun Shop

Sonny's Pawn & Gun Shop - pawn shops montgomery alabama

Sonny’s Pawn Shop is located at 200 N. Montgomery Ave. Sheffield AL, 35560. This is another friendly neighborhood broker that you should consider for quick short terms loans. Notably, they also hold various auctions online and host an E-bay store as well. They are widely regarded for their great collection of firearms. Hence, if you are looking to buy, sell, or pawn in this category, consider visiting them.

Also, they deal in jewelry, gold items, electronics, music equipment, surplus and closeout inventories, etc. If you want a flexible outlet that caters to your specific requirement, Sonny’s Pawn can be of great help.

Address: 200 N Montgomery Ave, Sheffield, AL 35660, United States

Phone: +1 256-381-8404

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Super Pawn Center

Super Pawn Center - pawn shops montgomery alabama

Super Pawn is a very famous name in Montgomery, and we are sure you must have already considered them. That will not stop us from emphasizing what a wonderful pawn shop it is and how you can get some profitable deals right here. To begin, they host numerous categories like electronics, guns and ammunition, vehicles, antique watches, jewelry, etc.

To add, they have numerous products within this category and they consistently update their inventory. They facilitate FFL transfers and are widely known for being among the best brokers in the region. Moreover, they understand the needs of their customers and always provide personalized deals.

Address: 140 N Burbank Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117, United States

Phone: +1 334-213-0026

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Capital Pawn Shop

Capital Pawn Shop operates under Smart Pawn and Jewelry. They are the biggest pawn shop operators in Oklahoma city, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. Not only can you pawn personal goods or assets, but also purchase some rare items from this outlet. Moreover, they are highly flexible and provide loans on collaterals like smartphones and even power tools.

They act as both buyers and sellers of valuables. Hence, if you wish, you can easily sell some antiques or expensive materials that you don’t need anymore. You can visit their store at 4359 Troy Hwy, Montgomery, Al 36116. The store remains open between 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Address: 4359 Troy Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36116, United States

Phone: +1 334-288-2225

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Pawn Shops are quite common throughout Alabama and Montgomery. If you are a resident, then you must already be aware of the pawning tradition in the region. However, if this is your first time pawning an item or buying from a pawnbroker, then this article can be a good place to start from. Moreover, if you wish to acquire more information on any particular outlet that caught your interest, then do leave us a comment.

All the outlets on the list deal in a variety of categories and are highly credible. Also, they carry official certifications and are quite reputable. They specialize in loaning, buying, and selling jewels, antiques, electronics, musical equipment, and much more. We suggest visiting them to clear all your doubts and get an idea of how they operate individually. Happy browsing!

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