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6 Best Pawn Shops in Springfield, IL for Collectible Items (2024)

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Everybody’s motive for approaching a pawn shop differs slightly. Perhaps you want to pawn something just because you’re facing hard times. Or maybe you’re seeking a good deal on electronics, jewels, or other items. Further, a pawn shop often referred to as a pawnshop or pawnbroker, is a business establishment where clients can acquire financial loans in compensation for bringing precious things to be left with the pawnbroker. In Springfield Il, you find plenty of pawn shops.

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Jewellery, gold, watches, camera, instruments, TVs, and computers are just a few instances of what a person may leave away. Also, if you desire to buy, pawn, or make profit, you must handpick the pawn shop. Before heading to a pawn shop, take into consideration the rates, client views, public perception, and so on. In addition, you can also visit the pawn shop’s webpage to discover information about its history and offerings.

There are numerous pawn shops in Springfield, so despite your purpose, you will be able to find one. But which one ought you go to? This list includes some of Springfield IL pawn shops. These stores are well-known for their outstanding customer service, low prices, and diverse product range.

Here is the list of some of the best Pawn Shops in Springfield IL

Pawn King

Pawn King

Pawn King is a rising firm that takes pleasure in distinguishing itself from competitors via providing outstanding customer service. They believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. Further, they are also a family-owned business with 12 pawn shop branches in Illinois and Iowa. Their services are fast, simple as well as 100% discreet. Also, they are fully guaranteed, and provide pawn shop loans ranging between $5 to $1,000,000.

With over six decades of pawn industry expertise, they distinguish themselves from other financiers by honestly doing everything within their ability to loan you the cash you require when you require it. Additionally, they have GIA-certified pawnbrokers who can appropriately appraise your jewellery for a high-interest loan.

Because they are a pawn business, they give loans in exchange for collateral and have a time limit for returning them. Furthermore, because guns are permitted in the United States, this location is a gun nirvana for anyone who enjoys shooting in general. Furthermore, they offer numerous discounts on products. As a result, they are well-liked as a pawn store.

Address: 2428 S MacArthur Blvd, Springfield, IL 62704, United States

Phone: +1 217-544-7322

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Stevenson Drive Pawn Shop

Stevenson Drive Pawn Shop

When trying to buy or sell used products, people want a pawn shop that is open and transparent about anything and everything. You’ll appreciate their honest attitude when you visit Stevenson Drive Pawn Shop. They aim in either a win-win arrangement for all parties. Further, t heir inventory of electronics, jewellery, and other unique products is unparalleled.

Every time you enter through their doors, the staff greet you with a grin. They also have the cheapest pawning lending rates in the area. Electronics, jewellery, tools, and equipment are all acceptable. Lastly, they collaborate with you to assist you repay your loan, include polite calls when it is approaching its expiration date.

Address: 2223 Adlai Stevenson Dr, Springfield, IL 62703, United States

Phone: +1 217-414-0909

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Monster Pawn Springfield Inc

Monster Pawn Springfield Inc - pawn shops Springfield IL

Monster pawn, located in Springfield, il, offers genuine pawn solutions, wonderful firearms and ammo, stunning jewelry, coins, rock-stringed instruments, technology, and supplies to the Springfield, il community. Exchange your undesirable items with something sophisticated.

Further, you will find exactly what you’ve been searching for. Loan your equipment. Also, over the last 5 years, they have been voted the best pawn shop. Believe in them to work for you. They were named Springfield’s best pawn shop.

When you are ready to pawn or sell products at a reasonable price Monster Pawn Springfield Inc is the best location for you! Stop by whenever you want to examine our enormous assortment or if you wish to sell a big amount of personal items such as instruments, jewelry, tools, laptops, and collectible coins.

Lastly, they promise that they’ll pay top dollar for your pawned items and will give you the best price available. Nevertheless, all of the products they sell come with only a 7-day warrant.

Address: 2324 S MacArthur Blvd, Springfield, IL 62704, United States

Phone: +1 217-744-7296

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The Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank - pawn shops Springfield IL

The piggy bank pawn initially opened its shutters in June 2013. they’ve encountered and assisted thousands of individuals seeking financial assistance and short-term loans all along the journey. Also, they also sell a range of things all throughout the shop. Further, they may have exactly what you’re seeking, from guns and shooting equipment, precious metals, and gold jewelry, including wide-screen tvs to instruments, breweriana, coins, and much more.

Furthermore, if there is documentation and/or original shipping, especially for antiquities and collectibles, it can increase the value of the objects. Moreover, products that require a remote control, connections, and electrical cords, as well as the original stands, must be provided or the item won’t be accepted. Furthermore, this is the sole pawn shop in our list that even buys and sells toys. Also, it is another adored pawn shop in Springfield IL which is liked for gun-arm purchases.

Address: 1531 W Jefferson St, Springfield, IL 62702, United States

Phone: +1 217-670-1028

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Anything Buy-Sell-Trade Store

Anything Buy-Sell-Trade Store - pawn shops Springfield IL

Because they are the sole store in town that will purchase used car audio, Anything Buy-Sell-Exchange is the sole location in the city that will purchase, resell, as well as exchange anything. Further, they are a thrift shop as well as a pawn shop in Springfield, Illinois.

The company provides you with the ideal location to hunt for or dispose of any hardware you no longer require. With low prices, fantastic discounts, and an ever-changing selection of things, Anything Buy-Sell-Trade in Springfield, IL is always a worthwhile stop.

In fact, household appliances, laptops, and televisions are all offered in their gift shop. Visit their Springfield, IL discount store for new vehicle audio and other automobile supplies. They feature a massive inventory of new and used products for your home and automobile. The nice aspect is that they purchase and sell cell phones as well. Thus, it is one of the best pawn shops in Springfield IL.

Address: 612 N Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62702, United States

Phone: +1 217-210-2028

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Watches, Coins & Antiques, Etc.

Watches, Coins & Antiques, Etc.

They have years of expertise and knowledge working with collections, antiques, rare metals, jewelry, as well as antique objects of all kinds at Watches, Coins, Antiques, Etc.

You could always rely on their team to give you the most detailed as possible information on your product. Also, work with you to show you how much your item is worth. Further, they make a reasonable offer based on the current market worth of your item.

They believe in being open and transparent with their clients. In reality, the majority of our revenue comes from repeat clients who bring in their fresh purchases and transform them into cash.

Lastly, the best part of this Springfield IL pawn shop is that they also put items on auction on their website. Thus, you can purchase items that you like from the auction.

Address: 2195 J David Jones Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62707, United States

Phone: +1 217-523-2646

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Those described above represent only a small percentage of Springfield’s numerous pawn shops. What you want to buy, sell, or pawn, as well as where you live and work, will most likely impact which one you choose.

There are numerous wonderful pawn stores to consider, so this is not by any means a comprehensive list. Take the time to read comments, compare prices, and confirm licensure before pawning anything.

In particular, you can learn more about the pawn shop’s history and offers by visiting its website. Further, you can rely on these pawn shops to evaluate weapons. They also provide economical gun deep cleaning.

Furthermore, a large variety of things, including jewels, coins, firearms, electronics, handling equipment, recreational equipment, and much more, are accessible for pawns.

As a consequence, they lend, buy, sell, and trade a wide range of items. Lastly, the aforementioned pawn shops are a must-visit if you live in Springfield IL.

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