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10 Best Pawn Shops in St Louis with Better Deals (2024)

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An individual or corporation that provides secure loans to clients using their idiosyncratic property as security is known as a pawnbroker. The possessions that have been pawned to the broker are entrusted as collateral, pawn items, or lucidcal pledged items. Even though many objects can be pawned, pawn shops in st. Louis recurrently takes musical instruments and other plausibly valued items as collateral.

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The pawn may repossess it for the loan’s principal plus an agreed-upon amount for relevance. The duration and the interest rate are governed by the law in the United States. Also, by the regulations of the state departments of commerce. They possess the same, stringently regulated license as a bank. The pawnbroker will offer the item for sale to other customers if the loan is not repaid within the enumerated time frame.

Pawn shop laws and rules vary from state to state. The mechanism for procuring a loan from a pawn shop is quintessentially the same. Property is brought in by the borrower and left behind as security in swapping for funds. Credit checks, application checks, or income verification are not imperative. It might be obligatory to provide proof of purchase or another sort of ownership proof.

The full virtue of your stuff won’t be paid to you by pawn brokers. The pawn shop owner’s standpoint on an item can be sold for a realistic price. This will prescribe whether you receive a percentage of the item’s value, which is prevalent.

The proportions of your loan will depend on the item’s value, which the pawn shop will assess. There’s a happenstance you’ll need to provide identification to prove you own the item. The security will be owned by the pawn shop if you are unable to pay back the loan.

Best Pawn Shops in St.Louis

Bel-Aire Pawn Shop

Bel-Aire Pawn Shop - pawn shops st louis

The go-to pawn store in St. Louis for more than 40 years is Bel-Aire. They endeavor to provide every customer with unprecedented involvement. This would be impracticable in the pawn shop business while upholding family and St. Louis values. They have everything, including loans, jewels, gadgets, firearms, tools, and other equipment. These pawn shops St.Louis are your one-stop store for high-quality goods of all types right there in Bel-Aire.

The pawn shop in the St. Louis region has long been Bel-Aire Pawn Shop, Inc. They are in operation since 1976 and are a family-run company. Bel-Aire Pawn Shop won the Riverfront Times’ 2009 “Best Pawn Shop” award.

The Bel-Aire Pawn Shop’s inventory is constantly being expande. Finding what you’re scrutinizing for won’t be perplexing thanks to the comprehensive assortment. Experts at Bel-Aire Pawn Shop are unoccupied to address any of your apprehensiveness and assist you in locating the quintessential solution.

Address: 7501 S Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63111, United States

Phone: +1 314-832-2741

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Southside Jewelry and Pawn Shop

Southside Jewelry and Pawn Shop

They are devoted to providing terrific customer amenities and are members of the Better Business Bureau. Customers are treated conventionally and with a sense of content as an outcome of their efforts.

From any place in St. Louis, it takes them 20 to 30 minutes. These pawn shops St.Louis are aware that the prevalent situation is perplexing and that aid is need. They are providing new customers with a one-month interest-free pawn as a result. They won’t judge you if you approach them in need of a loan.

Address: 8101 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123, United States

Phone: +1 314-353-1900

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Metro Pawn

Metro Pawn - pawn shops st louis

Since it has been unlatch for business for 20 years, Metro Pawn is a family-run pawn store. They have been highlight on channel 5 as one of Missouri’s top gold purchasers! Customer service is their zone of competence, and they harbor each client. It can help you with anything you need, including jewelry, electronics, tools, and pawn loans.

They are aware that terrible times can affect everyone. They, therefore, try their hardest to execute your needs. Metro Pawn are one of St. Louis’s top gold buyers and will purchase your gold in any condition.

For the first month, these pawn shops St.Louis provide new customers with interest-free loans! They also provide additional goods for sale at absurd costs, like enchanting jewelry. Patience is intrinsic when looking for pawns. If they don’t have it right now, it might show up at the door tomorrow! If you’ve never used a pawn shop, the employees will be gratified to help you so you can feel opulent arranging.

Address: 8286 St Charles Rock Rd, St. Louis, MO 63114, United States

Phone: +1 314-428-3810

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First Cash Pawn

First Cash Pawn - pawn shops st louis

FirstCash is a gigantic worldwide pawn shop operator. They operate over 2,800 retail pawn and consumer loan facilities in 25 U.S. states. Also, in the District of Columbia, and Latin America, which encompasses all of Mexico’s states.

Around 18,000 people work for these pawn shops in St. Louis between the United States and Latin America. The retail pawn locations buy and sell a comprehensive array of jewelry, musical instruments, and other cheap merchandise. Additionally, they provide minor consumer pawn loans that are secured by pledged belongings. FirstCash focuses on providing services to consumers with limited access to cash and credit.

They have a network of about 8,600 active retail merchant partner locations across the country. FirstCash’s fully-own subsidiary AFF also offers lease-to-own and retail finance payment emulsions for consumer goods and services. This is one of the biggest omnichannel suppliers of “no credit required” payment resolutions. With the help of AFF’s technology, its merchant partners may easily lease and finance products in-person, online, in-cart, and on mobile devices.

Address: 3608 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63107, United States

Phone: +1 314-535-6555

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Rock Road Pawn Shop

Rock Road Pawn Shop

A neighborhood pawn store run by a family is called Rock Road Loan & Jewelry. Being the most hospitable and practical jewelry and loan business in town has been their aspiration. They open their doors in 1991.

They own their building and land, which encompasses a more than 11,000-square foot interior warehouse. This permits them to endorse bigger things that other pawn shops are incompetent to do. These include boats, campers, trailers, automobiles and trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, and a comprehensive assortment of other items.

Making loans with security is their area of aptitude. Pawn loans are undemanding to obtain. You have the alternative of using a valuable asset you prevalently own as collateral for a loan. Prior to paying to pick it up, they hold the item as collateral. It is confidential and entails no credit check or bank account.

These pawn shops St.Louis can assist with direct sales if you choose to evade pawning your belongings. Rock Road Loan & Jewelry is so unoccupied to you whether you require a loan, want to buy or sell anything, or both. The layaway is free. The minimum down payment required to begin layaway is 20% of the total purchase price.

Address: 9191 St Charles Rock Rd, St. Louis, MO 63114, United States

Phone: +1 314-429-0001

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Pawn King

Pawn King - pawn shops st louis

Even though Cahokia, Illinois, summers are congenial, they are aware that the high electricity costs might put liability on your finances. These pawn shops St.Louis can assist!  Your prompt cash flow needs to be met by them in the near term! To procure direct funding, use your assets! In addition to many other items, they buy and loan TVs, lawnmowers and lawnmowers.

They can assist if you need assistance with a mammoth power payment, unplan auto repairs, or simply need money till your paycheck. You can scrounge little sums of money from them without fuss, which makes them more productive than a bank.

They never ask for financial specifics, job documentation, or loan applications from you. Bring your jewelry to our pawn store in Cahokia, Illinois, along with a valid ID, and you’ll get top dollar right away. High-end gold and silver jewelry, encompassing idiosyncratic designs, is their zone of competence. They have a proficient internal staff that repurposes old and vandalized jewelry.

This is done to make new pieces, and updating vintage jewelry to stay fashionable. Their pawn business in Cahokia, Illinois, has a credible license and complies with all rules about firearms in the state of Illinois.

Address: 3327 Mississippi Ave, Cahokia, IL 62206, United States

Phone: +1 618-332-3300

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Jim’s Pawn and Jewelry

Jim’s Pawn and Jewelry - pawn shops st louis

Jim’s Pawn and Jewelry offers a comprehensive selection of constantly-changing merchandise to its staunched customers. These pawn shops St.Louis have been around for more than 20 years! Collinsville native Steve and his family are steadfast supporters of the neighborhood and its businesses.

They provide FFL transfers for online sales of weapons. If you unearth a firearm for sale online, you can relocate it to them, and they’ll handle the shift for you. You must be 25 years old and purchase from an FFL dealer. Before they start the background check, a $40 transfer fee per handgun is entailed. They offer to swap watch batteries. Battery prices begin at just $10.00.

Address: 1909 Edison Ave, Granite City, IL 62040, United States

Phone: +1 618-452-3186

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Pawn Center North County

Pawn Center North County

One of St. Louis’s most sensible places to get fast cash is North County Pawn Center, a pawn store. They provide their clients with short-term loans invulnerable by a collateral to help cover unforeseen costs or sudden situations. The business takes contentment in offering hassle-free short-term collateral loans to the local population, regardless of the work framework.

Since the global financial predicament, many consumers have unearthed that they are unable to access affordable short-term credit solutions. This is entailed covering their short-term cash flow needs for unforeseen bills, loan payments, gas, and groceries.

These pawn businesses in St. Louis are aware that even nice people experience awful things. Other clients, such as proprietors of nearby businesses, could require a satisfactory infusion of cash. This is done to cover payroll until new working capital becomes unoccupied in the company.

Whatever the justification, consumers find collateral-based short-term loans to be a much more adaptable and cost-effective alternative. This applies to overdraft credit lines, payday loans, and auto title loans.

Address: 8950 W Florissant Ave, St. Louis, MO 63136, United States

Phone: +1 314-388-4444

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Pawnbroking continues an observance with an interminable history as the world’s first financial institution. Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations’ earliest documented histories both divulge pawnbroking, which dates back at least 3,000 years to ancient China. Pawn shops were a prime source of survival for a large number of people during the turbulent Middle Ages.

They wanted to undertake something where they could use their aptitude in jewelry in an incompatible industry. With A.C. PAWNSHOP, LLC, they aim to set the touchstone higher. And provide the customers of this sector with higher levels of deference and service than are generally offered in most pawn shops.

These pawn shops St.Louis are more aware than most of how challenging financial flow can be for many people. This is because they came from humble roots. In addition to comprehending customer needs, their ambition is to provide pioneering solutions and help smooth out the kinks.

Address: 2850 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63118, United States

Phone: +1 314-771-1700

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Herman’s Pawn Shop

Herman's Pawn Shop - pawn shops st louis

The pawnbroker will inquire about several things before valuing an item. They want to sanction that the purchaser is the lawful owner of the product. To ensure that the things offered for loans or purchase by pawnshops are not stolen, pawn shops collaborate with the local police. You may be persuad that the pawnbroker is only following the law and not being disrespectful or nosy about anything.

The pawnbroker will elucidate the loan alignment after the item has been apprais and will then pay cash for it. To provide you with the most upstanding transaction possible, these pawn shops St.Louis employ verified scales.

The pawn ticket will encompass a portrait of the transaction. This serves as a receipt and includes the transaction date and a narrative of your purchase. It also encompasses paramount loan information including costs, deadlines, and interest.

Before the loan’s expiration date, it may be repaid at any time. The item in this case serves as collateral. This will become the pawn shop’s property if the expiration period has pass and someone has not repaid the loan.

Address: 9020 Collinsville Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234, United States

Phone: +1 618-344-8778

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If you default on the loan, you will relinquish the item you owed as security. But because the default won’t be recorded to the credit bureaus, your credit score won’t be modified.

A pawn shop loan may be elementary to solicit if you don’t empower for more conventional loans. With a pawn shop loan, you can get your money much faster than you would with a perpetual loan. Because you won’t have to capitulate to a credit check or have your income authenticated. A pawn shop loan might be an accomplished preference if you’re okay with the high costs and brisk repayment time.

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