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Tradway Review: A Comprehensive & Elegant Guide (2024)

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There are so many people who love designing. Clothes designing, making bags, knitting, and sewing are some great introverted hobbies that people have. In fact, there are many popular designers that grew up with the same hobbies and are now ruling the fashion industry. It is fascinating how people can devote most of their day to such hobbies. In this Tradway Review, you will find what it supplies, where it is present, how to make payment and why it is the best. So, let us find the answers below.

Now the most common problem of such people is getting material. For designing people need fabrics, hardware, ribbons, and other accessories. There are multiple options to buy these items. One is to visit a store and buy at hefty prices.

Other is to go to some low-key store and buy cheap inferior products. The second option is quite attractive but it comes with no quality and most of the clothing designs can tear or turn out to be not so good. So, what can be done?

The answer is a liquidation store. There are plenty of liquidation stores that provide sewing and fabric materials at low cost. The advantage of buying from a liquidation store is the price and the quality. Now the next question can be which store to choose?

Obviously, there is no perfect store but every store has some perfect items. One such store that you can visit is Tradway. There are also some alternate websites that you can try if you want to explore more.

What is Tradway?

Tradway is an online liquidation store that supplies multiple ranges of products. It is Stapylton, Australia. Being one of the most visited liquidation stores, it provides fabrics and sewing supplies, Craft fabrics and accessories, spandex fabrics, basic hardware items, special fabrics, password deft fabrics, trimming laces, ribbons and many other sewing items.

Based on their product range it is evident that they deal with tailoring and fabrics. But there are some extras. For example- you can find home decor items, curtains, certain liquidation pallets, Vinyl, plastics, water filters, water pumps, hardware, workwear and similarly many other items. 

Tradway has a special payment option. It means that you do not have to pay for the order when placing it. Instead you have to use a dummy card provided as a payment method at the end. Follow the usual order placing process and at the end use a dummy card to initiate the payment. It is done to assess the order.

They will see what goods you have purchased, in which city you live. Based on it they will calculate the price of shipping. Then once all these formalities are done you will be informed by them. Then you have to call them and make the payment using your credit card. 

Why Choose Tradway? 

Tradway is one of those wholesale liquidation companies that has a special purpose-driven business. There are so many players who own a liquidation company but Tradway is different. They have chosen a specific niche i.e. Fabrics, Sewing, and machines. Therefore, people whose interest relies on this type of work will always choose Tradway review.

The reason being it is a one-stop solution where every sewing product is available. They do not have to go anywhere else. They have such a huge variety of fabrics, threads, ribbons, laces, bag hardware, and items. 

In each of these categories, you will find hundreds of items. The prices are also very affordable and items go out of stock immediately. So, try to buy liquidation pallets fast. Since it is a liquidation store the products are available at cheaper rates than retailers. You have to choose wisely. You can consider this store for all your crafty and fabric needs and tell your friends about it too.

Features of this Store

There are many interesting features of Tradway like its location. It is located in a nice green place in Australia which attracts quite a lot of people. Next is their inventory. There are so many items related to one particular type like fabric. The third is the price. Tradway is a liquidation store and the price of each item is very low. Lastly, their payment option.

There aren’t many liquidation stores that provide for hobbies like tailoring and sewing. It is like heaven for people whose hobby is designing their own clothes or who own a boutique. Therefore, Tradway is a great place for all hobby lovers.

Pros & Cons of Tradway

Tradway is a worth-it website for all sewing and fabric lovers. But there are some pros and cons that you should keep in mind before buying from the website. Let us talk about the pros first.

  • The website has a huge inventory and has everything related to fabrics and hardware.
  • The offline store in Australia is located in a very beautiful place and attracts huge masses.
  • The prices of the products are kept keeping in mind that it is a liquidation store. 
  • The overall order process is very simple and safe as no payment is done before order confirmation and assessment.
  • Before the final payment, a call is made to confirm the transaction. Therefore, the overall process is safe.

Now let’s talk about the Cons:

  • It is restricted to fabrics and sewing equipment. It does supply goods other than this category.
  • The price range after discount is very monotonous. It means that prices are not reduced much.
  • The company is not global. It is restricted to Australia only. 
  • Some of the goods are of inferior quality. One has to check carefully before buying.

Alternative Sites that you can try 

If you think Tradway is not fulfilling all your needs then here are 3 similar sites that provide the best quality at low prices just like Tradway.


B Stock

B stock is another liquidation website that is present across the globe. It hosts auctions for people and has hundreds of categories of products. On the website, you will have three options to choose from. First is based on your region, next is product category, and lastly the marketplace.

They supply in the United States, Australia, China, Asian countries, and many other places. In the category, you will find home, decor, appliances, furniture, and even grocery. The list is endless. Just go and explore their website. There is a separate place where sellers can sell whatever they want. Hence, B Stock caters to both sellers and buyers equally.

Direct Liquidation

Direct liquidation 

Direct Liquidation is also a tough competitor of Tradway. It has launched many special offers to promote its goods and services. They have special pallets wherein you get surprising elements from their clothing and general merchandise segment. There are some Friday deals as well.

You can grab a lot of items at heavy discounts if you avail of their offers on time. It is an American store and has a major reliability on Amazon for its stock. It gets returns, restocks, and pallets from Amazon directly.  You get multiple shipping options and a direct supply to all the amazing liquidation inventory at less prices.


Liquidation companies are making a whole new market with their business. People that prefer brands are now going to liquidation stores to buy the same product at less price. The impact these companies have created in the market is huge. Even sellers like Amazon are using such liquidation businesses to get rid of their excess inventory.

It is possible that in near future most of the e-commerce brands and big companies will get themselves associated with liquidation businesses. Do not consider them as mediators but as an advantage giver to sellers and buyers. Tradway is a great liquidation company that has targeted a particular segment and is now getting profits from it.

Similarly, many such liquidation businesses will start targeting a particular niche. From a buyers point liquidation companies are like supermarkets that provide constant discounts and offer to them.

Consumers cannot care less if they are getting the same products at less cost! Therefore, considering the increase in the purchase price it is better to look for cheaper options. Tell your friends about Tradway and other alternative websites. So that they can explore the websites and get offers and discounts on items. 

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