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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Oregon (2024)

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When it comes to understanding the process and exactly is the meaning of liquidation, there are many who do not know what it exactly is or may just have an understanding of the gist of the process. Usually, liquidation means the process wherein a business chooses to sell their inventory of goods and assets to pay their debts and a liquidation store or company buys these goods at a heavy discount and resells them. The majority of this merchandise is usually branded goods from brands whose name is extremely familiar with the customers. While making money is the essence of the liquidation business, there are more people who have started their own liquidation business because of the profits and the time consumed. This brings us to understand the advantages of shopping liquidation pallets in Oregon. So, what are the benefits of shopping liquidation pallets Oregon from liquidation stores in Oregon?

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There is an auction almost every day-

The online liquidation platforms have an internet auction every day where the retailers often dump their surplus inventory which even included branded merchandise that is sold in pallets, truckloads and boxloads. The online auctions that are held every day, emails are sent to notify the potential consumers about the pallets that are going to be auctioned on the platform.

Liquidation stores in Oregon offer affordable prices-

One of the most important advantages when it comes to buying Oregon liquidation pallets is that they come at significantly reduced prices that gives you the power to name your selling price and still make a profit from this liquidation business. Moreover, there are several online auction platforms available that offer great deals on inventory merchandise and heavy discounts on their products. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure that these liquidation platforms are valid, trustworthy and reputable, before you go on to register your company make sure you do the research.

There are no intermediaries when you purchase from liquidation stores in Oregon-

Liquidation stores unlike the traditional wholesalers do not have intermediaries and in order to make sure that the process of transactions between the dealers and the businesses are smooth, both the parties involved have to make sure that there is a compromise and money is saved as well.

Mounting up the competition ladder-

The prices of the merchandise offered, is a major benefit against the large merchants and independent businesses because in reality, you are also competing with the major league players like Amazon and Target by selling their goods at a much cheaper price than theirs. And since the quality of goods is maintained and is considered to be exactly alike, customers will choose your merchandise over theirs. To ensure that this works and you can maximize the benefits, make sure that you market yourself and your business well. Earning the trust of your customers is important as brand loyalty plays a major role in the success of your store.

The merchandise available is usually in a great condition and branded-

It is not surprising when the merchandise usually comes with the price tags attached with them and the liquidation merchandise are usually is excellent and mint condition. The majority of the liquidated goods are branded products and are sold at a heavily discounted and reduced price.

Minimized shipping costs-

When you buy liquidation pallets Oregon, the shipping costs are found to be much lower as compared to when you ordered the goods separately. Which is why with lowered shipping costs, you can make more savings for your business which helps your business grow and establish itself as a reputed company.

Best Liquidation Stores in Oregon:

City Liquidators

City Liquidators: Liquidation pallets Oregon

City Liquidators is that one company you will go to if you are looking for high quality furniture at affordable prices. Being one of the best liquidation stores in Oregon that has been in the liquidation business for so many years, they have established a name for themselves and is one of the best options to look at when it comes to any and every type of furniture. City liquidators make sure that they offer reasonable prices for liquidation pallets Oregon and ensure customer satisfaction.

One of the best and independent liquidation stores in Oregon, City Liquidators is also well known for their customer service and helpful staff. 

Address: 823 SE 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Phone: +1 503-238-4477

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Pahl Industrial Inc

Pahl Industrial Inc: Liquidation pallets Oregon

This liquidation store in Oregon works as an appraiser, liquidator, and auctioneer, and it is not a surprise especially with their experience in the liquidation industry for more than four decades. Pahl Industrial Inc has been involved with the processes of selling and appraising assets worth more than a million of dollars that are both new and used, and several companies trust this liquidation business.

Pahl Industrial Inc makes sure that they maintain the trust of their customers by offering high quality and transparent services, especially when it comes to liquidation pallets Oregon. If you are looking for the correct and right appraisal of your assets and would like to liquidate them, this is the company you would want to reach out to because they offer quality services, merchandise, and reputation.

Address: 4040 SE International Way, Portland, OR 97222, United States

Phone: +1 971-206-0017

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Every day Deals

Every day Deals

If you are looking for grocery liquidation pallets in Oregon that are affordable and help in saving money, Every Day deals grocery liquidators is the place you want to be at. Every individual needs to purchase groceries for their day-to-day life, and this liquidation store provides the best deals for your money’s worth.

Being in the business for almost a decade now, they have been striving to provide great quality merchandise at discounted prices and if you are looking for a place where you can purchase goods for every day, Every day deals grocery liquidators is your liquidation store Oregon.

Address: 600 SE 146th Ave, Portland, OR 97233, United States

Phone: +1 503-477-8031

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Advanced Liquidators

Advanced Liquidators: Liquidation store in Oregon

Advanced liquidators offer great deals on liquidation pallets in Oregon. These liquidators has several online reviews from their customers speaking about their positive and great experience.

Definitely, this is one of the liquidation stores in Oregon that has one of the best merchandise in their inventory that they provide on great deal and heavily discounted prices. They have an extremely supportive staff that makes sure that their customers find what they are looking for. 

Address: 7806 NE 94th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98662, United States

Phone: +1 360-260-9019

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Discount Plus Liquidation

Discount Plus Liquidation: Liquidation store in Oregon

This liquidation store in Oregon sells high-quality goods. The majority of the merchandise they sell is liquidation goods and Discount Plus is a liquidation company that the best deals and offers for their liquidation pallets Oregon. Being a liquidation company, these companies often buy goods from stores and retail companies that have surplus inventory which they auction at a much-reduced price in pallets, truckloads, box loads or even individually. 

Discount Plus liquidation store offers a wide variety of products from different niche and industries that will appeal to every customer. 

  • Liquidation website

This is an online liquidation company that sells surplus inventory of major brands and companies and is in the liquidation industry for years. The whole process of registering on this website is extremely easy and has a simple user interface that will allow users to navigate their way through different pages and auctions.

Frequent Auctions take place on this website. It is extremely easy to do so once you have been verified if you want to bid on any of the merchandise available.

Address: 211 NE Roberts Ave, Gresham, OR 97030, United States

Phone: +1 503-489-5724

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NW Office Liquidations

NW Office Liquidations

NW office liquidations is one of the best liquidation store Oregon that specializes in high quality office furniture and equipment. They also have used merchandise that is in great condition and available at amazing and affordable deals. The liquidation pallets they offer are at reasonable price ranges that will not only help you liquidate your stock if you are looking to sell but also help you to buy them at affordable prices. 

The NW office liquidations have a very detailed website. They not only list the several furniture pallets available in their inventory but also provide expert help in designing your space at the office. They also provide options for new furniture and provide quality merchandise as well.

Address: 635 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214, United States

Phone: +1 503-244-2822

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Asset Management Specialists

Asset Management Specialists: Liquidation pallets Oregon

Asset Management specialists is one of the liquidation stores in Oregon that also manages the assets of a company on closeouts and take possession of the equipment and products when they have either closed down, run out of their lease of filed for bankruptcy.

Because of this, Asset Management Specialists offer great bargains on the products they sell. You can purchase liquidation pallets in Oregon for a fraction of the original price of the products. You also have the option of calling the company to book an appointment to discuss the price before visiting.

Address: 2713 19th St SE, Salem, OR 97302, United States

Phone: +1 503-584-1633

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Quick Lotz


Quick Lotz sells liquidation pallets in Oregon from the brands like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. This liquidation company was built by a team of expert professionals who have more than 3 decades of experience in the liquidation industry. They make sure that they provide high-quality merchandise with several shipping options for the customers.

Quick Lotz also offers various Oregon liquidation pallets that will be suitable to the needs of your company. You have the option for it to be either shipping at your location or even have the option to arrange your own pick up of the merchandise ordered.


BStock: Liquidation pallets Oregon

This liquidation company has millions of merchandise in its inventory which ranges from returns, overstocks to liquidation goods. Bstock is a business-to-business marketplace where you can choose to be a liquidation reseller. This company is one of the best liquidation stores in Oregon. 

Bstock assures their customers that they will be purchasing merchandise directing from the brands through Bstock. They will have to pay much lesser when the customers had to go through middlemen for this whole process. They have a great inventory and offer reasonable and discounted prices for the merchandise.



These were the ten liquidation stores in Oregon that provide the best deals for Oregon liquidation pallets. These offer excellent merchandise for the price you pay.

While it is not easy to narrow down or choose the best liquidation store that will suit your needs, these were the ten liquidation stores in Oregon that would give you a run for your money. Finally, these would provide the best customer service, deals, and merchandise for your company.

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