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20 Finest Stores Like Express with Great Deals and Discounts

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It’s not surprising that shoppers who want affordable and stylish clothing always make a beeline for Express. Express has been around for years and is a staple for anyone who wants to stay on trend with affordable styles. They sell a wide range of apparel and accessories for modern men and women. Besides that, we can’t forget about their amazing line of workwear to keep you looking fresh and sophisticated at the office. If you want to shop from similar stores like Express, you’re in luck because there are quite a few of them. Brands like Mango, Zara and Guess all offer similar hot pieces that are all within your budget. So you never have to worry about not having anything to wear again.

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The key term here is “affordable and trendy”. Our list of clothing stores like Express only consists of brands that are easy on the wallet and don’t compromise on quality. You won’t even be able to tell that the stuff you buy from them comes with incredibly low pieces either. Read on to know more about these stores.

Stores Like Express


DKNY - stores like express

Started in 1989, DKNY pieces draw inspiration from the chic energy and attitude of New York City. Today, it has transformed into a global lifestyle powerhouse where you can build a wardrobe fit for a fashionable New Yorker, wherever you are.

You can find iconic and affordable pieces for both men and women at DKNY. Moreover, it is the best place to get your hands on the most gorgeous accessories, shoes and bags too. If you want great stores like express, you cannot skip out on this brand.



Zappos had a humble beginning as a store that sold only shoes. But changing their direction to sell clothing and accessories besides shoes is the best decision they’ve ever made. Moreover, they feature a large selection of amazing brands for men, women and kids. Each piece of apparel or accessory from Zappos comes of high quality and follows the trends of today to perfection.

They are one of the best cheap stores like Express that offer chic high-end products. In addition, Zappos is famous for its excellent customer service and shopping experience.


Reiss - stores like express

Reiss offers a great selection of timeless menswear, womenswear and kidswear for shoppers with taste. As a modern fashion house with affordable luxury designs, Reiss is one of the best choices if you’re on the hunt for stores like Express. What’s more, you’ve probably seen many celebrities and Royals sporting some classy Reiss clothing.

That’s just how great their products are. Once you start shopping at Reiss, you won’t be able to get enough of its sophisticated designs and quality tailoring.



With Pacsun, you can now dress glamorously for all occasions without going over your budget. It is one of the best stores like Express womens to help build your dream wardrobe from scratch. In addition, we can’t forget about their amazing line of menswear, kidswear and unisex clothing either.

You will find only the most exclusive styles from relevant brands like Brandy Melville Adidas and their own brand too. The best thing about Pacsun is that they offer a selection called Pre-Loved PAC where you can shop sustainably.


Mango - stores like express

If you want to recreate a cute outfit that you saw on Pinterest, chances are that Mango sells similar styles. Moreover, with new collections dropping every season, your wardrobe will never go out of fashion with Mango.

Their designs are always incredibly sleek and classy, giving you a sophisticated aura without spending too much. Mango is extremely popular and shopaholics everywhere swear by their gorgeous clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. So if you’re keeping an eye out for stores like Express womens, you definitely need to check this out.


Nordstrom - stores like express

Get your hands on the hottest pieces at Nordstrom before the new trends even hit the stores. This leading fashion retailer offers a wide variety of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and kids. Everything at Nordstrom is quite affordable and you can easily identify that they don’t compromise on quality.

In addition, Nordstrom also sells amazing pieces from big designer brands like Burberry, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada and Saint Laurent. You should definitely check these out if you want to splurge on your dream wardrobe.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden

Steven Madden is one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry. If you’re looking for clothing stores like Express that offer exclusive styles, this one is a great option. Steve Madden is also the best brand for on-trend shoppers to get exclusive and creative designs.

It is a true lifestyle destination for classy footwear, clothing and accessories for men, women and children. With a smart dress, killer heels and a stunning handbag from Steve Madden, you’ll be ready to take on the world.



H&M is amongst the best stores like Express mens and womens that are available in almost any mall. All of their pieces definitely have a distinct vibe that helps you feel more confident and beautiful. Moreover, H&M is incredibly fashion-forward and introduces new collections every season to keep your options fresh and hot.

It is the best place to pick up the latest trends and make sure your wardrobe is up-to-date for every season. The pricing at H&M is also super affordable so you don’t have to worry about spending over the limit.


Everlane - stores like express

It’s no secret that most cheap stores like Express have a pretty negative impact on the environment. But with Everlane, you can keep your OOTDs trendy while shopping for sustainable pieces. They come with good corporate policies on ethical manufacturing practices to minimise their impact.

So you can build up your dream wardrobe guilt-free knowing that whatever you buy from Everlane is environmentally conscious. Further, the quality of their products is immaculate and feels like a luxury. And you can’t forget about the great deals and discounts that they offer to help you save money either.

Factory. JCrew

Factory. JCrew

You gotta love J.Crew Factory for its hip clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. What’s more, there are always a ton of great deals and discounts waiting for you every time you shop here. J.Crew Factory is undoubtedly one of the best stores like Express where you can get affordable clothing that doesn’t shy away from the latest trends.

Whether you’re shopping at J.Crew factory on a Sunday or a Monday, you’re bound to land some exciting deals. In addition, they offer a large selection of chic pieces for tall and petite girls too.


Asos - stores like express

ASOS is all about edgy and trendy clothing, accessories and footwear that are all the rage in the fashion industry right now. Whatever you see on the runway, you’re bound to find affordable versions of those pieces at ASOS.

Besides being budget-friendly, it is also your one-stop destination for the latest Y2K dresses, platform boots, statement jackets and more. With ASOS, you can now step up your fashion game and show up as the star of any event with chic outfits. For clothing stores like Express, ASOS won’t disappoint no matter what your aesthetic is.



Torrid offers clothing, shoes and accessories for women of all races, ages and sizes. Plus a portion of their profits go to various causes for women, so you can dress chic while supporting several causes. Another great thing about Torrid is that they give you the option to shop at your convenience by license or style.

Every piece is quite affordable, making it a great shopping destination for people who are on a budget. In addition, their Torrid Curve collection features a large selection of innerwear, loungewear, lingerie and activewear for plus-sized beauties.



Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion brand that is known for its unique and classy designs all over the globe. Most of their gorgeous pieces are heavily inspired by Japanese fashion. If you’re looking for casual clothes for running errands, school or getting brunch with the girls, shopping at Uniqlo is a great option.

In addition, like most Japanese products, each piece at Unique features excellent design, superior tailored and unrivalled quality. Plus they last a long time so you know it’s definitely worth your money.


Target - stores like express

Shopping at Target is the best way to come across the latest trends and styles without going broke. Besides daily lifestyle products, you can also find tons of affordable clothing and footwear to spice up your wardrobe.

The great thing is that you probably live within a few miles of your local Target store. So you can easily browse through their selection of the newest designs at the store or shop online on their website. Clothes and accessories from Target are always budget-friendly but can also be styled into the coolest outfits on the block.



GUESS is known globally for its innovative denim, hot dresses, iconic logo pieces, shoes, bags, accessories and more. So head over and grab some cute dresses for a fun night out or a pair of jeans that will make your butt pop.

As far as stores like Express go, it doesn’t get any better than the world-famous GUESS brand. Moreover, the quality is undoubtedly one of the best among most clothing brands, making it a great staple for the modern man and woman.



Zara is the perfect example of affordable luxury in fashion. It is one of the best clothing stores like Express that offers stunning pieces that look like they just came off the runway. In addition, Zara is constantly putting out tons of new collections every season to ensure that you have fresh outfits to keep up with the latest trends.

Shopping at Zara is quite the experience since you can check out tons of edgy and classy high-fashion clothing, footwear, accessories and fragrances.



GAP is one of the best stores like Express to stock up on your casual seasonal staples. If you need some excellent layering pieces, basics or quality denim m, GAP is a great place to begin your search. Although they mostly feature basic clothing, these pieces are incredibly stylish and versatile.

So you can easily incorporate them into your outfits to get a polished and sophisticated everyday look. Overall, everything at GAP has a timeless design that ensures that your looks never go out of style.

Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor - stores like express

To get in touch with your divine feminine energy, shop for the prettiest pieces at Ann Taylor. You can find flattering dresses and skirts, well-fitted pants, beautiful blouses, and more. It is perfect for the modern woman who wants to add a soft touch to her wardrobe. Moreover, it is one of the best clothing stores like Express to shop at if you’re into cottage come or dairy ore aesthetic.

Of Mercer

Of Mercer

From client meetings, work briefs, and last-minute drinks, nobody really has the time to jump from one outfit to the next. But what if you had a stunning workwear piece that you can wear to all of these meetings and more?

Of Mercer is the modern working woman’s best friend when it comes to office wear and some more. You can shop for amazing workwear that you can wear everywhere, ensuring the perfect work-life balance.



Loft offers women’s clothing that is all about style, casual vibes, and a feminine touch. This brand is the brainchild of a team of superwomen and offers all kinds of trendy designs to cater to different styles. In addition, the list of sustainable materials that Loft uses to create each piece is huge. And you will be pleased to know that they absolutely do not compromise on quality or comfort.


Express is every shopaholic’s favourite for a reason. With the large variety of affordable and trendy apparel that they offer, it’s hard not to like shopping at Express.

Lucky for you, there are tons of stores like Express that offer even larger collections, superior quality and budget-friendly prices. To spice up your outfits, check out these amazing stores and brands for the best deals.

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